Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back to School

So everyone went back to school this morning.  We've had a pretty uneventful holiday (apart from the plastic-stick-in-the-eye drama on Christmas Eve...) and while we've (mostly) had fun, I think we were all ready for new challenges, friends, peace!

No 1 Boy started at High School, something I think I have been nearly as nervous as him about.  I took him in the car this morning as I needed to collect his enormous stationery pack from the school office.  We said a quick prayer together then didn't make any further eye contact with each other in case this might be deemed "uncool".  Thankfully he came home delighted with his day, he hadn't had his head flushed down the toilets (you've got to love friend's big brothers)  and was very proud to tell us he is in the top class.  Phew!  We'll see what happens tomorrow when he has to get to the bus in time and actually start to do some work!

No 2 Boy was also delighted when he arrived home as he has the teacher he was hoping to get, the same as his brother last year.  They have now had the same teachers ( a married couple) one after the other for 2 years.  All I hear is "My goodness, aren't your boys different?".  Just wait until they meet No 3...  This is No 2's last year in Primary and he is hoping to get some responsible position of leadership to prove his worth.  The main jobs all went at the end of last year but I think he's angling for Sports Monitor or something.

As for No 3, he is just glad to be back with his buddies, happy to have a few more old friends from the Infant's School in his class and hoping to get his pen licence. 

Miss M is going into her last year (Year 2) at the Infant's School and, although half of the Year 1's are actually older and taller than her, is looking forward to all the responsibilities that come with being the biggest ones in that very tiny pool.  She was thrilled to have homework to do this evening and is working away at her Times Tables for her very first Test on Friday!

Smallest Boy has 3 more weeks to wait until he starts Pre-School and there is no question about which of us is the more excited!  There definitely comes a point in a Small Boy's life where "More" is required.  We are so very, very there.

And as for me, once I have cleared the pile of books that need to be covered in Contact, filled out the same old emergency forms for 3 different schools, paid for text books etc, I'm looking forward to some lovely crochet time.

Edited to change dodgy, hurried phone picture for a slightly better one!


  1. Yay! Sounds like your kids are settling back into school well. Loving your granny squares... I'm looking forward to more crochet too. xoxo

  2. Yes, thank goodness. Day 2 has also been a success, although still no crochet time. Smallest Boy is wanting full-on, hard core Mummy Time!
    Love your coasters btw!

  3. Lovely crochet! I am inspired yet again by you to learn....and to get more organised with school stuff! I have only be sending Niamh to school with lunch! She has an expanding shopping list now: glue sticks, scissors, textas etc....

  4. Thank you, it's getting there slowly!
    Those school lists are scary - our local BiLo had plenty of stuff reduced this morning - shame I got it all on Monday evening!

  5. Thank you for the sweet message in my blog! I love tyour blanket too...You feel a kind of peace when you look at the colors...very nice!
    Have a beautiful day,


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