Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Smallest Boy's Day

No 1 Boy went off on his 4th camp in just over 2 years this morning. The less said about his organisational skills the better, suffice to say, Mummy was in need of a cuppa when she got back from dropping him off...

Smallest Boy has now got a Wednesday place at Pre-School but I figured that after the trauma of Monday, maybe Smallest, and the ladies, could do with this Wednesday to recover.

Instead we had a busy day at home. Unfortunately one of the disadvantages of being No5 is that it is very rare for any games or toys to have all their pieces, so he quickly got frustrated that none of the games he wanted to play were complete or that you had to be able to count/spell/write.

The Bee Game was fun for longer than I expected as it was a bit fiddly to put the leaves through.

We then moved onto a bowl of washing up water outside, which lasted long enough to check my emails and take a few more pics, then back in to raid No3 Boy's Star Wars mini-figures and Millenium Falcon.

After lunch (and a change of clothes - warmer than we'd expected) we headed out to play in the garden with Dog until Dog jumped the gate and took himself for a walk, with me in hot pursuit in the car! By the time he had been rounded up it was time for all the activities to start. We picked up Miss M, raced down to No2 and 3 Boys' school, dropped Daddy off with them to walk to No2's Football (soccer) gradings, while Smallest and I took Miss M to her piano lesson. We manged a super quick dash to the park for some Swing and See Saw action, then back to collect Miss M and off to see how No2 was getting on! Daddy was having a kick about with No3 while No2 was trying out with the A team (Yay!) so Smallest ran off to join them and did some great dribbling until he fell and banged his wee head.

Quick turn around of 20 mins to cook and eat dinner while No2 got ready to go back out again, when I got back from dropping him off, Smallest was fast asleep. Wee Lamb xx

Oh, and did you notice I've found some great photo editing software??  I found Picasa and Picnik which are both free and look like they will be HUGE amounts of fun!  You can click on the photo to see a bigger version.
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  1. We collect the Galactic Heroes toys too! Scored the At-At from Kmart for $40 in November. Was psyched! When our friends in Perth got married we got them a Leia and Han Solo set for their wedding cake.

    That's a psycho day. I feel tired just taking the girls to swimming lessons. I'm such a lightweight compared to you.

  2. We have an X-Wing somewhere too but couldn't find it under the rubble in the boy's room! That's a fairly standard day in these parts and it looks set to get busier once Football training starts back again...


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