Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hot, hot, hot!

Well the weekend has come around pretty quickly! What a week it has been - temps of over 40c most days here, Cyclone Yasi following the floods in Queensland, bush fires in various parts of Australia, and crazy winds across Scotland to mention a few. We're very thankful to have a roof over our heads and are remembering all those who have lost theirs these last few weeks. I've been really impressed with the way the Blogging community has galvinised and come up with all sorts of auctions and other ways to help those who are suffering. One thing I am going to get involved in is Crochet a Rainbow.   Sarah London is asking as many as are willing to make as many Granny Squares as possible to make blankets for those who have lost everything. It’s not much but it shows that people care and is something to give a bit of comfort, especially for wee ones.

Our week has been hot. We’ve had a number of trips to the pool after school, and spent nights tossing and turning, last night I even lay on the sofa under the aircon between 1.30am and 4am until I had cooled down a bit!

Amazingly the heat hasn’t stopped the kids (or Husband who has been cycling to and from work), No 2 Boy has joined the Tennis Squad and was playing in 40c for 2 hours! His exciting news of the week is that he was voted Vice House Captain for Blue House and is looking forward to the Swimming Carnival on Monday to lead the cheers!

No 1 Boy has taken to High School like a duck to water. His favourite subject is History and he is really looking forward to his first Cookery class next week. He has made some new friends and comes home happy every day! Long may that last!

I have managed a wee bit of crochet this week, but to be honest, every time I’ve sat down I’ve had a little friend cuddle in and next thing we know it’s time to pick up from school! He generally doesn’t sleep during the day so I’ve been quite glad, although it does have knock on effects at 8pm...

So the crochet! I found a bucket full of “bella baby” 100% 4ply wool which had been marked down to $2, and was half price again, in Spotlight before Christmas when I was looking for yarn to make a blanket for Miss M.

The colours weren’t what I had envisaged but she’s not a very girly girl, so I figured we’d give it a try, at $1 a ball I couldn’t go too far wrong! I got 6 different colours and 2 shades of white. My calculations could, most likely, be wrong, but I reckoned I should get 120 different 3 round circles form the combinations.

I followed Lucy at Attic24's pattern and added another round. Being new to all this, I didn’t think to increase my stitches in the 3rd round so they curl up a bit, but this has been sorted out now that I’m adding the white yarn as I’m joining them. 

I'm baby-sitting tonight so I'll try and get some more of the 72 remaining circles added.  Once they are all joined it will need a fairly deep border as it's not all that wide.  I'm thinking I will use all the colours interspersed with the white. 


  1. The blanket is gorgeous!! I must tap spotlight more often. I keep not going because I need to use what I have, but I'm missing out!

    Muffins are lovely too. I wish dairy wasn't such an issue for us. Soy sour cream is vile.

  2. Oh, so lovely! Your blanket is just as beautiful as Lucy's, and that's saying a lot! :)

  3. Thank you so much! I have to say that I am really pleased with it now, wasn't so sure to start with. More importantly Miss M loves it and is impatiently waiting for it to be finished!


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