Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cricket and Crochet

Today was the last cricket match of the season for No3 Boy.  We have mostly enjoyed our Saturday mornings together, although neither of us were particularly keen on the 8.30am starts. 
We started off trying to take everyone plus Dog but quickly realised that it was not fun for any of us.  Instead I get up with No3 Boy and take him, with my bag of yarn and hooks or a good book, while Dad (who's not much of a cricketer) has a bit of a lie-in and the others watch some cartoons.  Then they tackle the house and garden to earn some pocket money and we come back 3hours later to a lovely tidy house!  It has worked beautifully!  Unfortunately the Football (soccer) season will be starting soon and that WILL involve us all being up and about and goodness knows where in the Hunter Region at the crack of dawn all winter!  Having only one car (see this post) it really gets interesting!

Anyway, this morning was very hot and humid!  The boys did very well and won again - they have only lost one match all season which is great for a little team that were flung together at the last minute.  I am still clueless about 'Overs' and "Wickets' , "No balls' and "Dot balls" despite having tried to listen to the scorers.  So I chat to the other parents and read or make stuff.  This was where most of my Christmas decorations were made and a fair number of scarves and neck-warmers.  2 hours is just the right amount of time to do a neck-warmer!

Taken by No3 Boy over my shoulder!

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