Saturday, March 5, 2011

Finger Knitting

Miss M has a fantastic teacher this year.  Mr C. has great sympathy for Steiner education so the children are benefitting from a balance of this approach with their more traditional Public School (State School) education.  She is having a great time sawing up trees that have been felled in the playground, filling the Wormery and so on. 

This week she has learnt to Finger Knit. 

She showed me what to do and I tried to explain that it was very like Crochet but without the hook, but she was having none of it! 

So she raided my wool stash and made herself a few more wrist bands. 

She is now up to 7 and I'm running out of wool!

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  1. Well done Miss M, the wrist bands look great and what beautiful nails you have! x


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