Saturday, March 19, 2011


I've long believed in the fact that the Full Moon affects the behaviour of small children.  I remember talking to No1 Boy's teachers, about 6 years ago now, and saying that I was sure his behaviour was cyclical.  At that point I hadn't worked out that his behaviour was directly related to the moon.  I also remember them asking me if it wasn't my responses that were cyclical!  Fair enough, but no!  I eventually twigged that his behaviour got worse a couple of days before the full moon then got better (relatively speaking) when the full moon had passed  (No2 Boy was unaffected, but No3 Boy is, not to the same extent, but again the behaviour is noticeably worse for a couple of days.).  I was reminded of this this morning when The Child had a melt down, was sent to his room to "CHILL OUT!!" then came out, apologised and when asked what was wrong sobbed "I don't know!".  Sure enough tonight is a Full Moon, in fact the closest the moon has been to the earth in nearly 20 years. 

I find the subject quite fascinating.  I'm interested in the idea of Lunar Gardening (not that I'm much of a gardener!), even Lunar hairdressing!  With all the natural activity going on in the world just now, there are a fair few Doomsayers out there predicting the End of the World.  According to some, this particular Full Moon could cause more earthquakes, floods etc.  Thankfully the Experts think not.  Perhaps some slightly higher tides and some crazy children though!

I'd love to hear other people's theories...


  1. Great photo. The moon definitely does have an effect on my kids behaviour - I hear you on the meltdowns for no reason! I'm not a believer in the moon/earthquake theory though.

  2. Apparently it's also the cause of why so many of us have had so many sleepless nights this past week!

  3. Interesting! I was putting it down to stress which I don't normally feel. And Smallest sleeping with us all night.

  4. I hope it isn't going to cause more disasters. I've just been looking at the moon and it certainly is very bright.

    Hope your fridge gets better soon. I remember when we used fridge locks. Seems like a long time ago now.

  5. And just this morning Em throws a monster wingie fit, but she won't go and chill out in her room when told, she keeps fighting so she's grounded until Saturday morning. It's the same tantrum cycle she's had since she was 6. I'm sick of it now. Why was she having a conniption? Because I had not signed the info sheet and returned it to school yet. None of our info needs updated, so why do I have to return it?! It says to return "If there are changes" there aren't so I don't have to return it, right?? To make her happy I wrote on the bottom of the paper, not on any line or anything just in the bottom space "All info is exactly the same" and she thought it was sarcastic.

    Although I'm sure it has nothing to do with the SuperMoon, I can see why some cultures marry their daughters off at 15.


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