Friday, March 18, 2011

TGI Friday

It's been a funny old week.
Husband is a University Professor who works, on average, a 75 hour week.  For this reason he felt perfectly happy to justify taking a couple of hours on a Monday morning, since he had no lectures, seminars or meetings, to take his lovely wife to the cinema, now that Smallest Boy has finally settled at Pre-School.  Due to far too many children, with far too many activites that finsh far too late at night, we don't go out for evenings and the thought of organising a babysitter at the weekend is just too hard.  Unfortunately for me, he only ever wants to watch films that he thinks he'll be able to use in his classes, which generally don't spell "Fun Movie Date" to me.  Miraculously we were both keen to see The Adjustment Bureau.  We liked it even better when we used a voucher that gave us one free ticket.  We both enjoyed the film and, as expected, he saw many more layers than I did.  He excitedly explained how many different ways he would be able to use it all the way home! 

The day ended with the 2 Big Boys coming home from Youth Group with a massive armful of someone's leftover wedding flowers!  I manged to cut them down to a manageable size and took a couple of pics.  No2 Boy was pleased to think he might get one over on Dad who never thinks to bring home flowers!

I have to say it was an unusual, but very nice way to start the week.  Since then I've felt very "meh".  I'm a bit cheesed off that I'm apparently virtually unemployable here.  Whenever I have spoken to anyone at the Department of Education, they just say "Oh, look, we don't really teach that here".  I'm fast discovering that I'm not actually qualified to do anything anymore and will need re-training or different qualifications altogether.  That had always been my plan until Smallest Boy surprised us all with his appearance and threw a few spanners into the works!  So I need to earn some pennies but am rather uncertain as to how to go about this at the moment. 

It's also been pretty full-on with activities during the week.  The kids have Youth Group x2, tennis training x2, tennis comps, music x2, football x2, cubs and tutoring, and then a school disco thrown into the mix this week, not to mention homework.  Husband gets home at 6pm, has dinner, helps with kids bed-time then works until our bed-time.  Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely NOT complaining, I love buzzing around, the kids have fun and exercise and more often than not it's all very social, but when you're already feeling "meh" it kind of adds to that.

Smallest and I have had a couple of nice walks with Dog at a local park, done a mountain of grocery shopping, played with Lego and watched Toy Story 2  a g a i n.  I've managed a bit of baking and a bit of crochet.  I was really pleased to see that Sarah London has extended her Crochet a Rainbow to include New Zealand and Japan and got cracking on those Granny Squares. 

The Big Kids had today off for a local Show Holiday.  We manged to clear Miss M's wardrobe of some items to be passed on, the Boys (sort of ) tidied their room, then spent the rest of the day playing with friends, colouring in, baking and wii-ing briefly.  It means that tomorrow morning should be a more relaxed affair before Husband goes off to play football, then 2 lots of matches on Sunday - phew!

Oh, and I managed to get my hair cut.  Just in case I might happen to get an interview, I figured I should maybe try and look like a grown-up!

So it's now after 9pm on a Friday evening, Husband is working and I'm off to find some mindless tv and a cup of tea.  Lovely!

Edited to add that I forgot to mention the vomiting toddler at midnight last night...

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  1. Oh wow Sandra! What a week! Your post reminds me of why I love reading blogs so much... there is ALWAYS someone else who has more on and dealing with tougher day to day 'stuff' than I am in my little world. It's very sobering reading all about it.
    Sounds like you deserved the pleasure those lovely flowers a whole lot this week.
    Good luck with the job hunting, don't give up, something will invariably turn up eventually.
    P.S. I've had both boys terribly sick this week also... I blame the introduction of preschool to our lives, just over a month ago. I think it's going to be a bumpy ride this year :o/


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