Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Counting Your Blessings

My Mother used to sing a little gospel chorus to my brother and myself when we were little which started like this "Count your blessings, name them one by one".  I was humming it to myself in the car earlier today as I thought how 'blessed' I am.  I am very fortunate in that I tend to be a cup-half-full type anyway, but every now and then I like to remind myself to "Count my blessings" and try and remind myself to be a blessing to others in turn, "Pay-it-Forward" style.     

It was my birthday last week and I was reminded that I have people I can call "Friends" all over the world, literally!  I have been blessed with good friendships in all the different places in which I have lived.  Part of that is due to the fact that I tend to just butt in to people's conversations until they give in and include me!

I live somewhere near beautiful beaches, where the sun shines a bit more than it did in Edinburgh!  Beaches aren't everyone's cup of tea, Husband for one, doesn't get the fascination, but I love them.  I'm not really one for lying on them, but walking by them, having a coffee with friends at them, watching the power of the waves, swimming at them are things I love. 

My kids drive me demented.  I'm not the chilled out Earth-mother type I always hoped I would be, but sometimes (!) they are great!  They have always had a very dry sense of humour which Smallest Boy (2)already demonstrates.  This evening I asked him which was our car as we walked back with our shopping bags, and quick as a flash he pointed to a red car a few spaces away from ours and said "Let's take that one" with a totally straight face.  When I laughed and said he was funny, he replied "I know"!  They have endless energy as demonstrated by this trampolining and 2 lots of tennis lessons this evening.

We have a roof over our heads.  Ok it's really about 4 rooms too small for us and we only ever meant to stay for 6 months, but it's convenient, our Landlord is great and we don't know what the future holds.

Whether or not it turns out to be the best move, we have had the fantastic opportunity to expand our horizons and move, albeit temporarily, to the other side of the world.  What a great experience for our kids (and us too) to see other parts of the world, hear different opinions, try new things,  all of which will help to form the people they will become, hopefully open-minded, understanding, caring individuals who are confident and brave.   

Family that I love and miss, but who still bother to Skype with me regularly and abuse me on Facebook!

That's probably enough for today, I had intended to mention some Crochet, but I'll keep that for another day.

Give it a go - Count YOUR Blessings, I dare you.


  1. Beautifully written Sandra, I can just feel the positivity radiating from this post. I like it alot. I am with you, the beach is one of natures most generous gifts. Like you said, it's not just there for laying on. My hubby and I have lived near the beach for almost 10 years now and we never tire of that salty fresh aroma. It fills the lungs and enriches the mind.
    Great photos too! :o)

  2. I 100% agree. We need to embrace the simple things that really make life worth living! So on that note just about to enjoy reading my delicious little boy a lovely book!

  3. Thanks Julie. I've always loved beaches, even the ones that you have to wear coats, hats, scarves and wellie boots to go to! Definitely puts things into perspective.
    That's lovely Jude, what's he reading? Smallest Boy is obsessed with Bear on a Bike and Pants at the moment! He knows them both off by heart, as does Daddy!

  4. Mmm, wonderful! It really is the little things, which are somehow, really, the big things. Family, a sunny day, a trampoline. Enjoy! :)


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