Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This is my first attempt at Amigurumi (the number of times I spelt that wrong and had to be corrected by Google!).

He is (loosely - my apologies!) based on this pattern by a lovely, very talented, friend from University, Emma Varnam.  Smallest Boy had been invited to a 3rd birthday party but I have had ALL of the children at home for one or both of the last 2 days with headaches and temperatures, and couldn't get to the shops to buy a present.  I had decided that I will try and make as many presents as I can this year anyway, but boys are tricky.  I had a stash of wool and remembered Emma's gorgeous patterns so decided to give one a go. 

Well, I have been doing crochet for about 9 months now and figured "How hard can rounds of Double Crochet be?".  I confess that this little fellow nearly reduced me to Bad Words.  Even  looking at his picture now I'm noticing more mistakes!  If I had thought about it earlier (other than 5pm last night) I would have bought some felt for his eye and tooth rather than cutting up one of Smallest's old t-shirts at 9.30 this morning! 

Thankfully The Birthday Boy was pleased when he opened his present, calling his Mum (the lovely Rachel of Polly's Dolly and artillumina) to come and look, and was even spotted playing with it and a fantastic hippo made from recycled flipflops later on!

My Boys were also fairly impressed and are now putting in orders for their favourite Pokemon characters...


  1. He still loves it and it is beautifully made (you are too modest!)

  2. I LOVE that you have put time and effort into a birthday present instead of trudging through Kmart and throwing something plastic in your basket!

    I tried to make some gifts last year and gave them to friends with girls. Here is where you can see them...

    I have never been able to think of things for boys and have always worried that they would turn their noses up at anything home-made.

    Keep it up!


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