Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jim The Echidna

Here are the pictures of the cake that members of My Gang made yesterday.  I think they did a beautiful job!

Husband has only ever baked once before - this time last year - so was a little nervous when the kids presented him with their choice of cake.  Especially when in the Women's Weekly book it was actually an ice-cream cake.  I explained that it would be simple enough to translate to a cake and all that he had to do was follow the recipe.  I left the house to make sure I wouldn't feel tempted to help out!

Can you tell they had a ball?

Can you see Smallest Boy's cheek?


Jim the Echidna!

Thank you to all my Lovely Gang xxxxxx


  1. How lovely is this cake. Your children are simply gorgeous. It is so lovely to see you sunny happy life out in Oz and you don't look a year older. Have a lovely day sweetie. E x

  2. It (sorry, HE) didn't last long! Birthday cakes have become a far bigger thing in our house than I ever meant them to be! The pressure is on now for Smallest Boy's birthday in 3 weeks, Toy Story 3 or Wiggles...
    If you notice, I try to avoid being photgraphed where possible as I actually look about 100! xx

  3. Wow, very impressed. I love the Women's Weekly kids birthday cookbook. It's the best. The kids did a fabo job.


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