Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crazy Weather

According to the Nice Man on the radio this morning, we were to have 34C and 90% humidity today.  Well, we hit 38C and I think he was spot on with the humidity!  I have learnt to cope with the heat.  Being a girl from the UK, most recently the East Coast of Scotland, I expected to struggle with it.  However it really is the humidity that's the killer!

This morning I got up, had breakfast, made 4 packed lunches, chased 3 people out , had a shower, walked to the wee school and came home needing another shower!  It was roasting by 9.30am but outside there was a fantastic wind which I took as a signal to wash as many beds as possible. 

I washed 2 lots, including mattress protectors, and had them all dried by lunchtime - fantastic.  It was like being under a huge hair dryer.  I spent the morning doing bits and pieces under the air conditioner that I have tried very hard not to use.  I felt a bit bad for not being outside so walked the dog to collect Miss M from school.  This just about killed Dog, Smallest and me!  Soo hot. 

However within literally a minute of the boys getting home the heavens opened and the wind whipped up, No2 Boy's friend said a branch nearly fell on his head after leaving our house!  I had just hung out the last sheet and had to race to bring it back in as the skies rumbled.  It came in wetter than it had gone out.  I love a good thunder storm, especially when it brings a drop in temperature of 15 degrees. 

Thankfully it had all cleared by the time No3 Boy had to go for his tennis lesson, but the roads were covered in debris from the trees and we had to avoid branches as we drove.  The wind was crazy and has partly blown over a section of our fence. 

Aussie weather is nothing if not extreme!


  1. Crazy wasn't it? Falling gum tree branches made me run for cover leaving half of my dry washing to get soaked again on the line! Better than a bruised head I thought!

  2. I love those hot, windy days for bed stripping! They smell so fresh. Melbourne feels like Edinburgh these days. Rain, cloud, slight chill; all a tad pooh. I want a few more 30+ days before winter comes!

  3. Arg! see what happens when you share computers with kids? They log you out of your sessions the second your back is turned! That was from me, not Em.

  4. I thought she sounded very eloquent for a 12 year old!


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