Thursday, March 3, 2011

Birthdays - Chaos Style!

Today has been my birthday.  The last one before the Big 4-Oh. 

It started well enough with 5 children bouncing on my head, forcing presents on me before I had opened my eyes.  I was very impressed to hear Smallest Boy's perfect rendition of 'Happy Birthday to you, you live in a zoo, you look like a monkey and you smell like one too'.  He is 2.

Husband had arranged to stay home to work so did all the packed lunches and helped to chase the Big Ones off to the bus.   At Miss M's school I saw some Lovely Ladies who felt that the right thing to do on a birthday is to do coffee/lunch maybe even both!  I explained that Husband might feel a little put out if I disappeared and left him with Smallest Boy all day, but said coffee would be great!  2 hours later I got home, he'd got some work done, and we decided on a wee jaunt for lunch. 

We LOVE our Entertainment Books in this part of the world (discounts to lovely cafes, restaurants, cinemas, bowling, skating, you name it!) and thankfully still had a voucher for the place we wanted to go.  The weather was gorgeous, the food delicious and the view fantastic, Smallest Boy was beautifully well behaved and so was Husband!

All was well after school, all homeworks finished, piano practise done, usual small amount of scrapping etc, until No3 Boy said "I think I've got nits". 

Just the words I wanted to hear. 

I did a quick check and sure enough.  Joy.  An hour later he had been combed to within an inch of his life and spent 20 mins with foul smelling potion on his head.  I dutifully informed his friends' Mums by text (and later more generally on fb!),  then rolled my sleeves up to start on everyone else...

An hour later everyone had been dealt with, only 2 were affected but all were doused in the potion just in case.  The poor Dog didn't know where to put his nose!

They did eventually go to bed at which point I cracked open the Max Brenner chocs.

I've been promised cake at the weekend when everyone is less busy.

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