Sunday, March 13, 2011

Crochet Goodness

We've been a little distracted by the news from Japan over the last few days.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected, and for safety for all those trying to deal with the awful situation in the nuclear reactors.  I wonder how many more places will feel the effects of the Pacific Plate shifting about.

Well I had promised some crochet in my last post so if you can't cope with the Granny-ness you might want to give this post a miss!

I thought I would let you peek at my Crochet Corner.

As I have said before, we are still, 2 years on, living in our 6-month rental.  We had intended to buy/build our own house but for one reason and another, we're still here!  We really like the house, very convenient for Miss M's school (next door) and for bus routes for all the boys, fantastic garden,  but really much too small for us all.  The Big Boys often hang out in the garage for some peace and quiet, but I have a corner of the lounge which I hadn't considered until the Christmas Tree was taken down.  As you can see, I often have to turf Small People out of my chair. 

So having got ridiculously frustrated by Miss M's blanket, I now have a number of bits and pieces on the go.  The reason for the frustration was realizing that it was really too small and that I would need to make another 120 little circles.  It's not really a problem, just that I had thought I was nearly done.  I needed something quick and easy to cheer myself up so managed a couple more neck-warmers. 

Then I was inspired by Miss M's finger knitting (see this post).  I had bought some funky yarn in a sale thinking I could make her a scarf, only to find it was nigh on impossible the crochet the stuff! 

  When chained it actually looks ok.  I wore it after taking this pic wrapped round a couple more times, it looked fine but acted like a scarf and was far too warm for the weather this week.

My next project was a cushion cover.  I had seen some lovely ones on flickr and fancied something to match our sofa.   The squares are from Alice's Grandala pattern.

Having spent about half an hour, sitting cross-legged on the floor in Spotlight, playing with colours I went for these ones. 

The front is finished and the back will be done soon, need more yarn and thankfully Spotlight are obliging by having 20% off for the next 2 days. 

I'm also working on another blanket.  I wanted to have a go at a ripple with some lovely organic cotton.  I'm not sure about the green, but it's really soft and light. 

Last thing was this hat. 

I generally do NOT like pics of myself, but needed to model this one.  The pattern is from The Happy Hooker and took about an hour to work up.  A friend had asked for a red beanie to wear when she does some market stalls, so I'm hoping this one might do the job...  if not, I found a heap of patterns online to try!

Some good news,  my lovely friend who co-ordinates Make Space in The Hunter St Mall, has said she will put some of my 'creations' ( I say that jokingly!) in the shop!  How exciting!  So if you fancy a neck-warmer as it gets cooler, then head on in to Make Space!


  1. I have enjoyed catching up on your you have been busy! Did you get to the Spotlight sale? ....I am so tempted! Your crochet looks wonderful! I've just learnt double stitch (all inspired by you .....)

  2. You have been one busy bee! I love the colors you picked for the cushion cover. I just went through my entire yarn stash pairing skeins up for possible future projects. Fun, but tiring work.

  3. Hi Sandra
    Thank you for 'calling' in to visit me on my blog, lovely to meet you!!
    I'm still at my granny squares!!
    I love your cushion, gorgeous colours and I have to say I think the green looks great in you blanket.
    Have a great weekend,
    Vivienne x


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