Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Public Crochet...

I've been quite amused by people's reactions to my new (I think you can still use "new" for up to 6 months?) hobby.  I'm not particularly surprised as my reactions may have been similar a year or two ago.  I always thought of Crochet as a particularly fuddy duddy, pointless thing to do until looking at little hair clips, dresses, hats etc in the shops, and then all the gorgeous blankets and cushions that I've found online, and thought I could do that.  None of them have been 'Fuddy Duddy' and some of them have been really beautiful and inspiring.  Both my Grandmother's tried, and failed, to teach me to knit when I was young, I tried again recently to teach myself and again failed.  Crochet I have found to be far easier to master and, depending on the project, fairly instantly gratifying.  However, the perception by many of my friends is that 'Crochet is for Grannies'! 

We recently had a trip to Sydney and decided to make the most of the Sunday Family Rail Tickets.  I had colouring pencils for Smallest Boy and all the others were armed with audio books on their iPods.  I took my size 7 hook and some chunky yarn to make a neck warmer.  On the way there I was delighted to see, behind us, a girl younger than me, with her knitting.  I was even more delighted to see, on the way back, another lady with her knitting!  This pic was taken by my lovely No 3 Boy.
 (I never did finish the neck warmer as, 5 rows in, Smallest Boy decided that colouring wasn't going to satisfy him and only Mummy was qualified to occupy him to his satisfaction.)

Due to having an excessively large brood, you can imagine that I am kept pretty busy with after school with activities.  I am now in the habit of always having a hook and some yarn in my bag, usually something small that I can finish in the time it takes for the activity.  Before Christmas, I made a LOT of stars from Michelle at The Royal Sisters Grandma Twinkle Pattern !  I found it to be a great conversation starter - "What on earth are you doing?  Crochet??  Why???  Oh, they're lovely, could you do some for me?"!

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  1. HI there, I have just stumbled across your blog from little woolie... I too am a mother of five (1 boy, four girls)and have just started to Crochet! I am totally addicted! (I also failed as a knitter when I was young, Crochet is so much easier and quicker)It is hard to find the time but I try to have a bit of a hook everyday. I enjoyed reading this post, no point wasting time sitting if you can't be doing something productive at the same time...I recently crocheted a whole pillowcase (large granny square) while I was waiting at the hospital (minor op for a child) The time went so quickly but I did think people might be looking at me like I was an old fuddy duddy, but I held my head up high, I am so proud to be a crocheter... I must start incorporating my projects into my blog. Love the stars, would make great Xmas decor.


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