Saturday, February 12, 2011


We've had a very busy week what with 2 Swimming Carnivals thrown into the already hectic mix! 

Smallest Boy and I managed a nice quiet morning yesterday in which we got a wee bit creative.  For us anyway.  It began when I heard that familiar crashing noise of the Lego box being emptied all over the rug. 

I confess my heart sank a little.  It gets under both the sofas, under the fridge, and rarely gets used for it's intended purpose of building stuff.  We were just back from dropping Miss M at school and I hadn't even had my cuppa by this stage so I got my priorities straight and made it quickly!  When I got to him (with my camera to record the chaos)  he was copying Big Sis and making Dogs (what is it with 6 year-old girls and dogs?).  I offered to help but was putting the tails in the wrong places so got sent away. 

I fancied a break from The Blanket so had a rummage in one of my boxes until I found some more of my sale yarn.  So while my Little Buddy built dogs, reindeer and lions, I managed another Neck Warmer.  This one is a bit longer and crosses over at the front.   I'd been skyping with my Mother who had seen something similar in M&S and felt sure "her daughter" could make one, obviously I didn't want to disappoint!

I've made quite a few of these now, but even though it will get chillier here, I know I won't wear them all!  My Mother has bagsed one and I think  might try and sell some of the others.  If you fancy one, give me a shout!


  1. There is nothing more painful than standing on a piece of lego with your bare foot -take care!

    I like those neck warmers a lot. We're just coming to the end of the cold weather (I hope) but I might make myself one for next winter, I have just the yarn for it.

    Your blog looks great, simple and uncluttered but bright and eyecatching. I shall definitely be back.


  2. Thanks Sue!
    No. 3 Boy and I tried your flapjacks today but I think my oven must be hotter, not chewy enough, we'll try some more tomorrow.


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