Monday, July 25, 2011


No2 Boy has to give a speech tomorrow about a member of his family and chose me...  He is not keen on writing but here it is.

Good morning (afternoon) teachers and year6 today I’m going to talk to you about my mum. My mum is 39 has brown hair and blue eyes. She was an RE teacher which stands for religious education when she was in England. But she stopped when she had [No1 Boy], then me, and we moved to Scotland where she had 3 more children, that’s a lot of children! 

My mum is going on a course so that she can be a teacher again. The course is in Sydney. It’s from Thursday to Friday and she’s leaving tomorrow at lunch time. Next week mum will be working in [a local school] teaching HSIE. My mum is really great, she feeds us, washes our clothes. She even turns our wet, soggy, stinky, sweaty football socks or soccer socks the right way out.

My mum enjoys crochet which she taught herself how to do a year ago. She sells her products at a shop called make space. She also likes to bake cookies, muffins, bread, rolls and birthday cakes. The coolest thing she made recently was a set of ninja bread men that we decorated. But the best cake she made was my last year’s was a Liverpool cake. My mum also likes to walk our dog and have a coffee at the beach. She also likes to read and play tennis. Sometimes if we lose the TV remote Mum says right if you can find the TV remote that you lost I’ll give you a prize and the prize is all ways a hug and a kiss.

Edited a little to protect my anonymity, just in case some student says "I know you..."!  He reckons he can stretch it out for 2 mins!

As he went to bed he kissed me and said "Love ya Mum.  So much I wrote a speech about you"! 


  1. This is just gorgeous Sandra. I would love if my boys could be even half as sweet as this when they're in year 6. You have obviously done a terrific job there Mama :o)
    P.S. love the comment about the sweaty, stinky football socks, hahaha, boys! xo

  2. That brought a tear to my eye - see they do appreciate us after all!! You are extremely lucky to have such a wonderful son. Good luck with the teaching course. I'm sure you'll have a great time. x

  3. He won't be winning any comps for Public Speaking but he sure has a way with words and a cheeky little dimple!

  4. What a gorgeous photo, and sweet story your son wrote. You should be a proud Mum!


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