Monday, July 18, 2011

Bad Mummy...

I have to confess to feeling relieved/thankful/delighted that the children are going back to school tomorrow.  Those of you who have met my kids will know that they are a fairly feisty bunch, always on the go, always loud, always up for whatever nonsense is going on.  This is why sport is a particularly important part of life Chez Nous!  Most of the time I can factor that in when we plan our holiday activities, but now that we are knocking on the door of the dreaded teenage years I'm finding I cope less well with the constant "Whatevers" and back chat.  I'm sure that the sheer numbers and volume in a small house don't help!

Our first week was very social and busy, lots of time spent at beaches and eating and drinking with friends old and new.  Amazingly, despite the fact that we've only been here 2 and 1/2 years, some of our very good friends from our first antenatal group are actually just down the road in Sydney!  I always think how great living in a commune would be when we meet up in families - the kids have a ball, the adults get to catch up while the kids are occupied, the kids mix with other adults who care about them and we have fun!  I know it's never that idyllic in real life.

That was a lovely warm day at Lemon Tree Passage, other days were rather chillier!

Bit of beach hooky!

Smallest Boy is obsessed with what you're not allowed to do! 

How's that for a heap of kids?  13 years ago we started with 2 bumps!

Week 2 was rather quieter, although we did have Miss M's birthday.  We spent an afternoon at Speers Point Park, played with Lego, did some crochet, a bit of tennis, a lot of football with Dad (that's how I got to do so much crochet!), and the usual housey-type stuff.  When we're out, they're fine and allegedly they behave beautifully for other people.  Amazingly we grown-ups have been out 2 weekends in a row to have drinks/dinner at friends houses and both baby-sitters said they were gorgeous.  Clearly we all need to swap kids more often!

Reading in bed to keep warm!

I hope you have all survived/are surviving your hols!


  1. What a gorgeous post! Beautiful pics - thank you for sharing. Love the beach hooky!!! We've just started school hols here, day one went ok - fingers crossed day two goes well today! It's only 9.53am and I've been hounded for post breakfast snacks about 7 times already aaargh. Have a great week!

  2. Your children are beautiful Sandra. It's wonderful you can share the holidays with friends around the same age. It looks like so much fun was had, they all look very happy.
    5 children must be hard work, but never a dull moment, which I like the idea of :o)
    Lovely post xo

  3. Thank you! I'm always a bit worried that I over do the pics but Grandma does enjoy having a look since she's approx 16,869kms (10,482 miles) away! It is lovely to look back at sunny, happy blog posts as it makes me forget the irritation, frustration, rage, fighting, squabbling etc etc etc!!


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