Friday, July 8, 2011


Despite everyone being at home for the July holidays, I've managed to be fairly productive.  On top of all the Dog-Walking and Child-Exercising at various beaches, we've met up with friends, baked some rolls (more out of necessity in this particular instance), made chocolate brownies and I made gingerbread for the first time.  The recipe I used had pictures of teddy bears dressed in pyjamas which the Boys looked at and groaned.  "Lame" was the general feeling.  However, they were unaware of I purchase I had made a couple of months ago.

Ninja Bread Men!

When they saw them come out of the oven, the change in attitude was rather different and suddenly everyone wanted to help decorate!  We rolled out some leftover icing from various cakes and used the same cutters to ensure a perfect fit, then once they were dry we used icing pens to add belts, eyes and any other important details.

Here are my understated Ninjas...

These Ninjas belong to the Boys and are based on their Lego Ninjas apparently.

They look great but, to be honest, for all the effort, I don't think I'm all that inclined to bother too often!

Then to crochet.  Today alone I have managed to whip up a couple of coasters from this pattern for a friend who was looking for a birthday gift for her 91 year old Nan, some more face-washers and a scarf!

Miss M is having her first proper sleep-over with her friend tomorrow and Husband and I are actually going out - yes, really - for drinks at the new home of some ex-pat friends.  This involves the lovely Edwina coming to babysit all the boys, which in turns means I need to tidy.  I think I'll get my slaves on the job...  Night all! xx


  1. I love your ninjabread men! I saw those cutters on Pinterest and must admit to being tempted. Fab icing.

  2. Great ninjabread men, almost worth making just so you can call them ninjabread!

  3. Oh they look absolutely fantastic Sandra! You are so clever, I love the modern take on an old classic :o) Perfect for boys!
    Very exciting you and hubby have a 'grown ups' night out, so essential to have once in a while. Enjoy! :o) xo

  4. We love our ninjabread men cutters too but they are a bit fiddly to decorate! I hadn't thought of using the cutters to cut the icing out. I had used a runny sugar icing and it was very messy. We must get ours out again this school holidays!


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