Monday, July 25, 2011

Recent Makings

I've been making stuff!   At the end of the holidays Miss M and I enjoyed a morning of wandering around the Hunter St Mall, with a coffee stop at the gorgeous One Penny Black - if you haven't been then you should!   We were looking for something specific but couldn't quite find it, so after a conversation over our coffee, juice and delicious macarons, we decided to head for 'that place that properly crafty-types don't talk about' to get supplies.  We bought ribbon, buttons, brooch backs and key-rings.  Here are the first 2 brooches we made.  

If I had a sewing machine, these would have taken me all of 5 mins for both, as it was  it took a bit longer!

As I say, I don't own a sewing machine and am not well-known for my skills with a needle and thread, so when it came to costume-making for Miss M's school dance festival entry, I was not in a rush to volunteer.  However, when I saw the plans I offered to whip up a few stretchy head bands from some lovely sparkly metallic/viscose yarn.  We then added some really beautiful feathers and some extra sparkle and felt backing with a glue gun and hey presto!  some fantastic head gear!   The performance is on Tuesday so I'll post a few pics of the whole outfit then.  They look absolutely, age-appropriately, wonderful - as do the boys.

And my latest project, now that I have finished the head bands, a new Granny Square blanket which seem to be all the rage at the moment in Blogland.  I started it this evening and will hopefully get it done fairly quickly.  This one is in the same wool as my last blanket, a 4-ply 100% wool and I'm working it with a 3.5 mm hook.

I'm looking at a fairly scary couple of weeks coming up so may not be around much.  I have a 2 day course in Sydney to re-acquaint myself with teaching, then I'll be spending the following week in a local High school.  Unfortunately this coincides with an Open Day at Miss M's school with family picnic, and No3 Boy going to Zone for High Jump, not to mention the logistics of 2 days away and a week of goodness-only-knows what kind of chaos!  I know many of you do it every day and I'm sure it will be fine, but at the moment I can't quite get my head around all the details!  And I don't own any "Grown-Up Clothes"!

Hope you're weekend has treated you well! xx

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