Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cake - and a wee bit of Chaos...

Let's get the 'Chaos' bit out of the way to start with.  Our fridge reached the end of it's warranty this week and promptly decided to stop working properly (the bottom part of the freezer is freezing, the top part of the freezer is cold and the fridge itself is warmer than it should be but colder than the kitchen!).  Whatever happens in the next couple of days will, no doubt, give me plenty to blog about. 

Obviously, having a family of 7, our fridge and freezer are usually pretty well stocked, thankfully it was looking pretty empty this week.  One thing I had a surplus of was overripe bananas that I had bought for $1 thinking they would be great for smoothies.  We had a big clear out at lunch time, lots went in the bin, some things got moved around and others have been put aside for dinner tonight.  But 8 huge bananas.  What to do with them?  I consulted a few of my recipe books and found a few recipes that looked good but I was missing ingredients for, then turned to good ol' Google.  I found this recipe  for Banana Cake which followed my criteria of a) having all the ingredients, b) being quick and easy and c) being well reviewed. 

I doubled the recipe, put them in muffin trays and half an hour later we had 24 Banana Muffins!  The kids were so desperate to eat them that they washed up all the dishes, emptied the bins and picked up all the stray bits of lego from under the sofa!  I have stashed some in a corner of the freezer for lunch boxes when they all go back to school on Monday. 

I then managed to send them off while I enjoyed one with a lovely cup of  Green Tea.   


Edited to add that the recipe IS a good one, they were yummy!


  1. They look wonderful! ....I'm not surprised the kids all worked hard for theirs! Love the blog!

  2. Thank you! I'm impressed that anyone is actually looking at it!
    As for the kids, I find Bribery and Corruption work a treat!


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