Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I was delighted this morning, to see a message from an old university friend on my facebook page, regarding this blog, urging me to "include some chaos"!  Well, Mrs R, I don't know if you wished today on me...

Today has been Australia Day for those of us Down Under.  This means everyone has the day off work to head to the beach, have "barbies" and generally chill out with Mates.  This meant Husband had an enforced day off.  Unfortunately he doesn't really do holidays so sneaked off to do some work this morning, leaving me to deal with scraps over Lego, cars, doing the breakfast dishes etc.

With the temps in the high 30's we decided that we would head to the beach after lunch.  This is where the chaos began.  The usual "do you have your swimmers/rash vest/towel?  Have you put on your sunscreen?  Has anyone cleaned their teeth today/this week?"  took longer than usual, followed by an angry toddler screaming "NO! MUMMY DO IT!!" when Daddy tried to strap him in the car.  This meant that we finally hit the beach after 3.30pm.  Everyone piled out with great excitement until Husband opened the boot and asked "Where's the bag?" "The bag?"  I asked.  "Yes. The Bag.  The Bag with the towels." Husband replied.  Long story short, everyone had walked past The Bag at the front door, including Husband and Myself.  I controlled my desire to scream and sweetly said I would drive home to get The Bag, when Middle Boy found a towel he was meant to have brought in after our last beach trip.  We figured there was enough of a breeze to air dry everyone and went for it. 

We had a great hour or so after that, diving through the waves, building sand castles, Miss M learnt to duck under the waves and was thrilled to pieces with herself! 

The Big Boys then decided to head off to explore the rock pools while I guarded our stuff.  10 mins later I looked up to see no.2 Boy being carried by Husband and Smallest Boy being carried by Biggest Boy, both having sliced bits of themselves on the rocks.  We managed to patch them up, with help from the lovely Life Guards, then cut our visit short and headed home, looking forward to watching Andy Murray when we got there. 

But the match was over!!

 To console myself, I had a G&T while I got dinner ready.  Instead of a BBQ we were having some leftovers which I beefed out a bit, only today has been special and clearly nothing was going to be that simple!  I managed to scrape enough for 6 people.  Ah well, I can stand to lose a bit of weight!

So Mrs R, perhaps tomorrow you could wish me a bit of time for some crochet!


  1. Ah, I loved reading this, it was like you were right next to me talking.
    You make your day sound both chaotic and magical. At least you didn't include a trip to A&E!
    Looking forward to reading your future entries, will almost be like popping round for a cuppa. Almost.
    B-A xxx

  2. Makes a pleasant change, doesn't it?
    I hope this will be the next best thing to a cuppa xx


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