Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Well I have finally got around to starting a Blog.  It's something I have been considering for a while, mainly because I always seem to say too much in my Facebook statuses!  I love reading other people's Blogs, seeing their various WIP's, what books they are reading etc, I think I'm just plain nosy!

I have 1 husband, 5 children and a dog so plenty of Blog fodder there already!  Our house is always full of noise and a huge amount of chaos.  I do my best to keep on top of it but sometimes I'd rather shut the door on it all and go for a walk at the beach!  I have recently discovered crochet and try to find as much time as I can for a wee bit of "hooking" every day.

This is the first peek at my latest, and most ambitious, project.  Remember, I'm new to this and I DO have 5 kids to contend with!

See you soon x

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  1. Hi Sandra, just stumbled across your blog through RetroMummy... and so glad I did! Wow, you are an inspiration raising 5 little ones! Look forward to reading all about your adventures :o)


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