Sunday, March 20, 2011


Again, for those of you not fans of my Granny-habit, you have been warned!

First of all, the cushion has been finished for a while.  I'm really quite pleased with myself!

The front...

the back...

The colours make me think of Chocolate and Raspberry Ice-Cream - yum.

I've managed some Granny Squares...

I then had a serious case of the "Wanties"  when I saw this gorgeous 100% wool crocheted shawl.  I figured I could have ago at making it myself, but whether or not I could do it for cheaper I wasn't sure.  I had bought a few of these balls of yarn in the sale this week and thought I could do a trial run with 1x100g ball for Miss M.

I think it turned out ok for a 6 year old girl!

She's a cheeky monkey!

My conclusion was that if I can get hold of a more neutral colourway, then I could make myself one for about 1/3 of the price!  Chuffed?  Oh yes!  All I did was chain until I thought it was long enough then (UK)triple crocheted, reducing by one at each end.  I also made a couple of other scarves in 2 different colour ways, one while I was babysitting for a friend's 2 girls who both took a fancy to them!  Each one took about an hour to do. 


  1. What lovely crochet - it is addictive isn't it? I am desperate to finish my blanket so that I can get on with all the other projects I have building in my head! Thank-you for coming over to look at my blog - hope you enjoy looking at my ramblings. By the way five children - respect!

  2. That's lovely yarn, it'll do her good for the winter. Is it a long triangle shaped shawl? I like your colour choices for the grannies too. Now you'll have to make to make a throw to match.

  3. Hi there, it's a 70% wool and 30% acrylic blend so it's lovely and warm, soft and snuggly. I only got 5 rows out of the 100g ball and I think I chained about 80 with a size 15 hook. If I added another ball it would be more of a trapezium shape, but would be far too big for her - that's what I'm planning for me! I got the yarn in Spotlight but found it online for less than half the price - yippee!

  4. The Granny's are for Crochet-a-Rainbow, not me this time!

  5. Oh Sandra, that cushion does look delicious ;o) It's gorgeous and looks like you've crocheted it perfectly!
    Your little model AND the scarf are just beautiful.
    What a wonderful talent you have... I think I need to start teaching myself something like this... or get back into cross stitch, which I haven't done in years.

  6. Hi Sandra, I absolutely LOVE your cushion! Such snuggly colours, makes you want to curl up against it with a nice big cuppa.

  7. Hi Sandra, loving all the crochet you've been doing, you have been very busy!! I love that colourful wool, I haven't decided what to do with my stash of it yet, but it has come up really well in the scarf, maybe I'll have a go at one too! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your funny comments, I had a giggle, hope the amigurumi is coming on well, it took me a while to get the hang of it too. Have a great day. Julie:)

  8. I just love your creations!! The granny square cushion is soooooo awesome... and that scarf is amazing!

  9. I love the colour combination for the cushion, perfect!

  10. The colours of your cushion are gorgeous!

  11. That cushion is gorgeous indeed & i love that scarf too!

  12. How funny, I'd forgotten about this and recently bought the exact same yarn in two colour-ways. Alice is using it to learn Tunisian crochet.

    I must granny up more and learn how to join as I go.


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