Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Converse Love

I was inspired by this post from Gina and went hunting under beds in the dark for everyone's shoes!  I think this makes a great picture.

Although there are 7 pairs, husband does not own a pair and the navy and red ones are "in-between owners".  This is my choice for dry winter weather footwear in Australia, although I could be doing with some Hunter Boots, or even waders, at the moment.  In the summer I tend to be a Birkenstock or Havaiana girl - maybe we should have a "Thong" line-up in the summer!  I always used to buy my Converse in the Costco in Edinburgh at fabulous prices, they are rather more pricey here.  Miss M got her first pair at the weekend, half price with a further discount because one is more faded than the other - can you tell?  (Hers are the bright pink ones in case you weren't sure...)  There's a Costco opening in Sydney soon, fingers crossed they'll stock them, here's hoping as mine are looking pretty shabby!

Edited to add that I've just remembered my Mother would never let me have Converse shoes/boots no matter how much I begged.  My brother got some.  Bitter?  Me?  Course not!   Love you Mum!


  1. What a great picture. I took a converse picture of my son & his friend in a swing - I just caught their feet! I love converse and we have a similar number - although I just gave our smallest pair away - NO MORE children for me!

  2. Sandra

    We go to a holiday week most years and inevitably it rains. We all camp and so there are 100's of wellington boots on show! For the 25th anniversary of the camp, we all had to donate our wellies temporarily for some fab welly photos!

    I love the converse and even though I am a ballet pump girl, I am tempted!

    Love Jude

  3. Love the photo - it's strange how always took pictures of the kids shoes as well!

  4. Haha! What a cute post! I LOVE Con's too. I own a white pair, with the signature stars on the sides in a grey colour. I have had them for years and I still love wearing them more than most other shoes.
    Loving your rainbow array in that collection Sandra :o)


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