Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Birthday!

This is our last family birthday (in our house anyway) for a wee while.   Miss M turned 7 today and we were so glad the forecast rain didn't come after all.  It has been so cold in the last couple of days that we all made the most of the sunshine and had breakfast outside.

Her main present was a ticket to see Mary Poppins in Sydney, but, due to a thoroughly disorganised Mother, we won't be going until the 1st October!  I really struggled to find presents for her this year.  She has never been a particularly girly girl but I often wonder if that's by choice or out of necessity.  When I thought about the things she enjoys, it hit me that she spends hours drawing, sometimes reads, likes listening to and playing music, and plays with Lego.   Hopefully she will enjoy the last day of the holidays painting and creating!

I loved that she sat and read every word of every card she was sent.

As is our tradition, we went out to lunch and picked Blue Water Pizza in Warners Bay, mainly because kids eat free!  Obviously when you are taking 5 kids out this is an appealing offer!  The pizzas were good, she got a candle in her ice-cream, they have colouring in sheets for the wee ones and play stations for the bigger ones, so everyone was happy!

The sun was shining so despite the cold wind we had a quick muck about at the lake.

Why do Small Children feel the need to chase seagulls?  All the time?

I had been struggling with my Cake Mojo.   Unlike her brothers she didn't have a specific request and I had no inspiration this time.  I had baked a cake and ganached it but when we got home at 3.30pm I was still no nearer to a clear idea, Google Images are always great but I was very aware of the time.  I finally iced it and cut out some shapes to stick on it, the colours were wrong and that irritated me, however, there was cake and they always look good when the candles are lit!

A Boy did point out that it wasn't one of my better ones, but was wise enough to not make eye contact and moved swiftly away!

I think they all enjoyed eating it anyway!

Happy Birthday Miss Munch!


  1. Happy Birthday to Miss M! Looks like it was an absolutely glorious day! We have temps of 126 F :/ Happy Thursday! Tammy

  2. Happy Birtday Miss Megan! Well done Sandra on another cake! My Anna spends hours drawing and creating too. Have you seen Jane Bull's My Secret Make it Book! Simply lovely!

  3. Happy Birthday! Love the last photo of them all scoffing cake. Four brothers eh, I have three, I didn't miss not having any sisters till just a few years ago. I think it would have been nice now I'm older, so long as we got on of course...

  4. She says "Thank you" for all the birthday wishes! It's funny that when 'Surprise No5' was on it's way I had hoped he would be a girl so that she would have a wee sister but she always wanted another brother! Glutton for punishment! Maybe she'll have some lovely sister-in-laws one day...
    Jude, must look out some crafty books and activities for her, thanks for the tip x

  5. Oh Happy Birthday Miss M! She is beautiful Sandra. So cute that she read all her cards, what a sweetheart. Sounds like she had a top day and Mary Poppins is supposed to be brilliant... so don't feel disorganised, it's even better because the present gets to stretch over to October! ;o)
    Gorgeous cake and gorgeous pics of your babies, so lovely xo

  6. That looks like a perfect day. :)


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