Thursday, September 5, 2013


This year has flown.  I had such great plans and as usual they have come to very little.  Nevertheless, we've been busy.  I was sorting through photos on the computer and realised that I have not shared any birthday cakes with you this year so, in order to justify my blog title, here are some cakes!

Smallest Boy was 5 not long after starting school in January (that should probably have been a blog post in itself, I did scrawl some stuff in a notebook that I might share at some point) and requested a very grown-up Spiderman cake.

I love the pre-emptive "Don't even think about it" hand over big brother's mouth.

Blue icing.  Awesome idea before bed...

A month later we had No 2 boy turning 13, another teenager in the house!  He requested pizza so I baked him one.  Someone on Instagram thought it actually was a pizza so I must have done a good job!

6 weeks later we had No3 Boy,  he asked for a 4-star Dragon Ball, from Dragon Ball Z.  I had to google that one!  This was what I came up with...

Being the very lucky child that he is, he managed to score a second cake when he had his birthday party.  I wanted something impressive without too much work so did a variation on a rainbow cake.  It turned out well but I think I might vary the amounts a little next time to make the rings look more even.

Then the Girl had her birthday and I was stuck.  She is horrified by anything "too girly" but had no particular ideas.  I spent a while googling and searching Pinterest (yep, days gone right there) and found this (there are lots of images but I still can't find the original).

Pinata cake!

I've got one more to do this year, tricky one as No1 will be 15.  Maybe something a bit understated?


  1. Love all those cakes!
    Were you a fancy birthday cake maker before the kiddies came along, or did that skill get inputted with the post-birth panadol?
    I've taken up cake-making along with motherhood & wondering each time what possesses me (& I've only got 2 small people!!)
    They are all fantastic - Well Done!!

    1. Hello!

      No, no, no!!

      Interestingly, when my oldest had his 1st birthday, while we were in the UK, his godmother came and helped me bake his first cake (a clown holding his hands in the air so he looked like a 1), she then gave me a copy of the Australian Womens Weekly birthday cake book! This inspired me initially until I had too many toddlers and usually another pregnancy. The supermarkets in the UK have always sold great cakes so they did for a while. I'm not sure when the competition started, but it has certainly become "a thing". I get marks out of 10 and comments like "Wee-eell, it's not one of your better ones", or "Well she obviously doesn't love you as much"!
      It's getting much trickier with the teens, I had hoped they would just accept a beautiful cake from Euro in New Lambton, but that was met with Don't-you-love-me-style-guilt-inducing-looks!

      I'm not much of a house-wife but at least they'll look back and remember that I made birthday cakes for them!
      Sandra x


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