Wednesday, April 27, 2011

End of Hols

We've made it! 

Smallest Boy went back to Pre-School today and the others all go back to school tomorrow,  for all of 2 days.  Ah well, better than nothing!  Everyone who needed one has had a haircut, bags are ready and rolls are rising, ready to go in the oven,  for packed lunches in the morning.   I may need a packed lunch myself as it looks like I might be going on a wee journey, half way to Sydney, out of love and devotion for No 2 Boy who will have his 11th birthday on Friday.  Needless to say, the one thing he wanted is not available in his size in either of our local Rebel Sports stores, so off I will trot to track them down. 

For the sake of Grandma, and any one else who might be interested, I thought I'd add a few more pics of our holidays.

Boys in trees...

Boys creating...

(For those of you that don't know, these are "Angry Birds" from the game of the same name.  I foolishly downloaded this onto my phone to amuse them and now have to fight to get it back!)

Boys photo-bombing...

Boys out having special one-to-one time with Mum...

Getting soaked at the beach...

And, last but not least, some more woolly creations for the winter!

So, I'd better get these rolls in the oven, grab a quick cuppa and squeeze in a wee bit more hooky before bed-time.  I'm hoping to have a bit of a Tah-Dah soon...

Thanks for popping by!


  1. Wow, you have to do lots when you have lots of kids! Beautiful post and lovely photos. Your scarf is gorgeous! I can't wait to start honing some hooky skills too! Such a happy post, even the angry birds! xxx Fi

  2. What a lovely post Sandra! You're a marvel organising all those lovely children... AND finding time to bake rolls and be all creative... not to mention travelling all over the country side for b'day pressies :o)
    Love the pics... the tree climbing looks fantastic and is something my 3 year old has just become obsessed with. He likes to climb them everywhere!
    That "BOWL" of icecream looks divine ;o)
    Hope you get some time to unwind for yourself now!

  3. I love your scarf! The colours are fabulous. Gorgeous post!

  4. I try to look busy, if I don't he'll make me go back to work!!


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