Thursday, April 7, 2011


I baked bread, from scratch, for the first time today! 

I know, I'm nearly 40 and it's actually disgraceful but I have done it!  And I'll do it again.  I've been cutting back on the rubbish we have in the house slowly but surely.  We no longer have cereal bars/shop bought lunch snacks, I've been trying to bake my own muffins, flapjacks or failing that pikelets (Scotch Pancakes).  I've always made our main meals from scratch but hadn't really thought about breakfast and lunches.  The kids have been having eggs for breakfast occasionally, and sometimes smoothies.  They know I'm 'mean' as they aren't allowed all the sugary breakfast cereals and tend to stick with Weetbix, but when I saw Sue's recipe for her Granola I had to give it a try.  I did last night and it got the thumbs up from my people this morning - result! 

Bread here is super expensive and with growing boys in the house they can eat their way through a loaf when they get home from school.   Sue posted yesterday about how easy baking your own bread is, how much cheaper and how much healthier than all the extra ingredients added to our supermarket loaves.  I had nothing better planned today and thought it was an experiment worth trying.

I followed Sue's recipe - 4 ingredients, bit of kneading, done!  While it was proving I got some other jobs done and managed another Pear and Raspberry loaf.  I seem to have pretty large pans and while Sue get's 4 loaves, I could probably have done 2 large ones, one white and one wholemeal. 

The kids could smell the bread as they came home and, as predicted, ate their way though most of the first loaf!  Thankfully there is enough left over for sandwiches tomorrow, with a piece of (nut-free this time - oops!) Pear and Raspberry Loaf for recess, and some fruit.

Now all we need are some chickens in the garden for eggs and a cow for milk!


  1. Wow! It all looks wonderful Sandra. I'm glad the bread and granola worked out and that pear and raspberry loaf looks delicious.

  2. Your bread came out beautiful. Isn't kneading dough therapeutic?

  3. Wow that all looks fabulous. I usually let the breadmaker do the kneading for me and then shape/rise out of the breadmaker, but I agree kneading the bread is a simple pleasure. Think I will do it the good ole fashioned way tomorrow. The loaf looked scrummy too.

  4. This post inspired me. I went to Woolies after work and bought buttermilk and wholemeal flour to make a batch of my Mums Irish Soda bread this weekend. I'm looking forward to getting my hands all covered in dough!

  5. I had 2 of the boys on bread-making duties today, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves! We had previously borrowed a bread maker but the loaves were so small we had them finished in no time at all. These 2 lasted just about 2 days.
    Gina you have just reminded me about (originally spelt that 'aboyt' and laughed at the pronounciation!) my Mother's Wheaten Loaf. She baked it every week until she was diagnosed Coeliac. Must see if she can remember the recipe...

  6. All just YUMMY! Think I might retry this bread making lark too though really I'm trying not to eat so much of the stuff so it may not actually be a good idea, hmmm!

  7. P.S. I bought a glass candle holder fairly similar to yours just the other day - 30p from a charity shop. Still to try it out...

  8. Those loaves look beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration - I know what I am doing today..

  9. wow, that bread looks amazing! I saw her recipe and decided right, thats it, bread has just gone up in price to $5.20 per loaf which is ridiculous, so I'm going to try it too! your post has just given me more motivation!
    And yum, that raspberry loaf looks amazing, I wish I could reach into the computer and grab some out!


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