Sunday, April 10, 2011


When we first got here we did a lot of exploring, but due to Football, Church, Birthday Parties, Tennis Comps etc, we haven't done any for a while.  This morning there was a bit of Hama bead action going on but we figured if we left by 12.30pm, we could drive until we were hungry and see how far we got! 

We got as far as Buladelah.  What a cute place!  We had our picnic of sandwiches (from our beautiful bread), Red Rock Deli (pardon the advertising, but they ARE the best) chips, eggs and fruit, put together by our Master Picnic Maker with help from his Minions.  The Kids then had a great time at the play area, all noted how "Un-Derilised" it was.  Apparently this is a cross between Derelict and Vandalised. 

It was quite hard to get them dragged away!

We eventually bribed them with the beach and headed back towards Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens.  We got there with plenty of time before the sun disappeared, and headed into the water. 

The footprints were Smallest being a Kangaroo.

When the sun did start to go, everyone got out and dressed then it was time for the Traditional Family Races!

Can you tell that they enjoyed themselves?  I loved that when I uploaded the pics, I noticed that the Life Guards had been watching them race!  They spent a good 15 mins doing all kinds of races before I declared time.

As it's now holidays, there was no rush to get home and everyone to bed, but thankfully they've gone now!  Time for a cuppa and some mindless tv - if I can keep my eyes open...

Hope your Weekend has been Relaxing/Exciting/Fun/Gorgeous!

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  1. Sandra, your blog is gorgeous. The photos are stunning and the way you are raising your kids is inspiring. I know no family (or Mum) is ever perfect, but what a lovely record of your family life to have.You're giving bloggers a good name, you should be really proud. See you tomorrow at soccer/football if we're not rained out! Cheers, Jodie


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