Monday, April 4, 2011


My Sporty Duo are home this afternoon with ribbons from their Cross-Country Carnival!  No2 Boy came 6th in the 11's, and No3 Boy came 3rd in the 8/9's and will go through to Zone. 

No2 Boy is eating a Raspberry and Pear muffin.  I needed to use up some pears so googled for a recipe.  I came up with this one, then went back to check for another one, just in case.  I came across this blog which made me laugh as the writer had done the same as me and come up with the same recipe!  Turns out she lives not too far from here either, originating also from the UK!  Small world, eh?

I enjoyed mine with my usual Green Tea in my lovely, new, Fairly Traded mug.

Thought you might like to see what "Working at Home" looks like...

...apparently he gets loads done until Smallest Boy gets home from Pre-School!  Quote of the Day from Smallest is "I had a good day today, I didn't cry, I was happy, happy, HAPPY!"

Me too!


  1. How fun that a Google search can result in finding a fellow blogger on our doorsteps!

    I look forward to reading more about your adventures and maybe even sharing a recipe or two...!

  2. Hello! I just popped in to tell you two things only to discover such a lovely blog post! I love finding new recipes and new friends - both are wonderful finds! I wanted to tell you that I blogged those cupcakes today (sorry it took me so long, I was out of nice patty cases!!). I had to laugh too because the photo I took of my cupcake is somewhat similar to your photo only I had a glass of milk instead of tea - cute co-inkydink. And the other thing is, I have been inspired by your crocheting and have started some granny squares using online tutors (such patient teachers). xxx

  3. I love your little one's quote for the day, so very cute and I lovely words for a Mum's ears too;) Your fairly traded mug is beautiful. I hope you enjoyed that cup of green tea. xo

  4. Hi Sandra, I've come here via Catherine's blog :)
    I love your cup and That quote for the day is awesome ... hopefully I can use it sometime soon!


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