Monday, April 4, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

As the title suggests, we have been pretty busy over the weekend!  There has been a large amount of sport and socialising and I even managed to squeeze in a very brief whip around the wonderful Olive Tree market as all the stall holders were packing up!

Friday evening No2 Boy does his tennis comps.  He was ridiculously late home (I drop off, friend's Mum brings home) and when he did finally arrive, he announced that it had been presentation night!!  He and his pal had won their doubles comp again and I wasn't there to record it for posterity! This pic from their last win will have to do instead.

Saturday mornings will now be dominated by Football until August.  No3 boy played first and scored his first goal of the season (obviously I had put my camera away by that point.).  They played a team that were mostly girls so they started off quite gently until a few of them had been knocked off their feet.  No3 Boy was knocked over/shoulder barged 4 times!  They went for it after that and played really well.

I love how the tongue is out with concentration!

Then on to No2 Boy's match.  We lost count of how many goals his team scored, needless to say, they look like they're going to do well this season!

You can click on the photo to enlrage it if you need more detail!

Husband then had his match, but we dropped him and raced to the Olive Tree market to get a present for Miss M's friend's 7th birthday.  We headed straight for Sharlene of Pip Kids.  She is a star, always has something perfect and is more than happy to do something special to order.  She saved the day!  We also bumped into Di of Sketch & Jones and put in an order for some local tea towels.  Such fabulously talented people!

Next was home to bake a Retirement cake for Husband's right-hand man, then to my friend Pippa's Phoenix Champagne and Cards event - it would have been rude not to!

As soon as Husband got back we were straight out for dinner and birthday cake.  By the time we got home, I still had a cake to decorate so was very glad of the extra hour!

Yesterday we then had a house/gardenful of Husband's colleagues so we all had to be on our best behaviour!  I do like having lots of people around but I also like when everyone goes home and the children go to bed.  A nice evening of 'Bones' and crochet for me while Husband snored on the other sofa.

Hope your weekend was wondeful!


  1. I think you may just out-done me on the "running around like a headless chicken" impression! I feel like I need to hang a sign on my back saying Moms taxi! I must confess that our Fridays involve tennis too but all three kids are on court at the same time and the parents bring some nibbles to share so it is a very nice wind down after a busy week.

  2. It sounds like you had a busy weekend you must have been absolutely exhausted but sitting relaxing with some crochet sounds like a perfect end to the weekend. Thank you for your advice on birthday pressies for little boys. xo


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