Saturday, April 30, 2011

Birthday Boy

No2 Boy was 11 yesterday.  He has been reminding us of it's immanence for about 11 months, so we were sure to remember!  You will recall that I treked almost all the way to Sydney to get the right size shorts for his tennis ensemble, there is dedication for you! 

I also had to head out to the shops when everyone had gone to bed on Thursday as the shopping centre I trailed to had no Ninjago Lego sets to be found. 

Thankfully my local Westfield had a great variety, in 4 different stores!  If only they'd had the shorts...

Due to the weather we missed our Skype call from Grandma and Grandpa as I had decreed that no one would be cycling or walking/busing to school in torrential rain and took them all in the car.  I'm not quite as mean as I sometimes like to make out!  Proceedings later in the day were also a little rushed as I was very keen to have everyone in bed before the Royal Wedding!  If it wasn't for having to be at Football by 8am they could have stayed up to watch, but I was proved right when No3 Boy scored 4 goals, one incredible one, curved in from the line, and No2 Boy also scored.  He's not a Striker, but a Central Mid-Fielder.  I don't really know what that means, but apparently you run around a lot.   Husband has just headed off to his match and I'm sure will be feeling the need to keep at least one goal ahead of the boys! 

We had a disastrous dinner out, I refused to pay for the boys' meals as they were so awful, but got back and had some Birthday Cake.  After the Big Red Car last month, I had lots of red icing left over so No2  Boy was told to think of something red.  He chose a Pokeball, I have no idea what that is/does, but it was nice and simple - Good Boy!

So the Boys are now building Lego, using their new Pokemon cheat book (again, I have no idea)  with their Pokemon DS games, the 2 wee ones are working on Smallest Boy's Alphabet - he scares me - and I'm going to do a little bit of hooky.  My first batch of scarves and cowls went to MakeSpace today and I'm feeling like I have just sent my babies away!

Oh, and I LOVED watching The Wedding!  I really enjoyed hearing Huw Edwards and getting all the BBC coverage via ABC, Husband left the room in disgust so I was able to get all choked up without any embarrassment!   I wish them all the very best in their married life.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you might be doing!  x


  1. Happy birthday to your now 11 year old boy, he looks so happy in his new outfit you bought him. I love the photo of all of your children especially the rabbit ears:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope all of your scarves and cowls sell like hotcakes. xo

  2. Wow Sandra, you always have such eventful posts... I guess you get that when you're a mama to 5!
    You're quite the wonder woman running around fulfilling difficult pressie requests AND baking the birthday cake... which might I add, looks very cool.
    Gorgeous photos of the kiddies too, you must be so proud of them.
    Bummer about your horrible dinner... always so disappointing when it's a bad one and you've made the effort to go out.
    P.S. LOVE the new header... at least I think it's new... I can't recall seeing it like that before :o)

  3. They're quite a rabble! I keep telling them how lucky they are that I'm still at home to do all this running around, not for too much longer to get a job!!

    Top Tip for Headers - go to and have a play!

  4. Well I have no idea what a pokeball is either! It makes a fab looking boy-cake though.


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