Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Social Media...

So I've been challenged (albeit indirectly) about my use of social media and was wondering how and/or why other people use it?

I'm hoping none of you lovely readers are using it to organise riots, but is it a way of self-promotion for a business venture?  A way to keep up to date with friends?  A way of discussing and debating the latest political hot potato?

In case you hadn't noticed, I like to keep these things lite!  My Facebook page and this blog both came about because of our Big Move Down Under as a means of keeping in touch with family and friends.  I used to talk to my Mum on pretty much a daily basis so for us a quick "here's what I've been up to" helps her to feel in the loop even if we haven't managed to chat/skype for ages.  Initially, Facebook helped to keep any homesickness away as I still felt part of what was going on back home until I made new friends and settled in - it doesn't take me long!  This blog has been as much a diary with pictures for my own benefit as anything else.  I honestly didn't expect anyone else to be remotely interested in what I'm up to!  This is a chance for me to record the good and happy times so that in years to come I can look back and smile and no doubt, if we're back in Scotland, moan about the weather!

I'm not a confrontational person, but I am an educated person who enjoys debate and reading all sorts of   political, theological and sociological blogs and articles.  However I am not going to debate these here with people that I have not met, or on Facebook where debates more often than not, turn into uninformed mud-slinging matches.  I like to "Play nice" as Woody instructed Sid in Toy Story.   For me "Real Life" happens when I'm out and about with my family or friends and if I feel the need to "tweet" about these things does that make me less intelligent?  Less of a worthwhile person?  Does it make me somehow shallow?  In 24 hours I do a whole lot more than have a coffee with someone, I just don't feel the need to share everything.  If I have shared it, it's because I think someone will appreciate it.

I would love to hear what you think!


  1. hey Sandra, Interesting times we live in with the explosion of social media don't you think. I keep my blog as a record of my crafty activities and our family life, like you I didn't think anyone would be particularly interested in my life, but have been pleasantly surprised at the support and interest shown in the things I blog about (pretty everyday and boring stuff, not really my opinions on things as I feel preachy writing about world events, but that might be a confidence thing too). I have started a little shop from my blog, but am terrible at the self promotion thing and hence have sold nothing yet, but at least it gives me a reason to make things!( not that I really need one, but it is a good excuse to give to other non crafty people!). I don't have a facebook account (although my 2 elder boys are right into it) or a twitter one, blogging is about the extent of my social media knowledge, I am also a bit slack on the commenting and interacting with others in the bloggy world, really should make more effort! (hence this long comment!!haha...) Have a good day! Julie:)

  2. I am new to blog world, and guess I'm already discovering it is more than I thought it would be. Firstly I am amazed there are other people out there who are very similar to me in my likes and how I spend my time. I am incredibly inspired what others are up to and want to be challenged too. I can now see what a wonderful way this to journal the things that are going on in my family just for us, especially as I have the most horrendous memory! Lastly, in time I would hope I can begin to earn a few pennies from the things I love to do. For three years(or so) I have had a website to promote my art and I want to move on with it all..........hhhhmmmm, so not exactly first step blog, next step world domination.........neither am I going to get some sort of award for my life changing philosophies, but earning £2 (for something that took 20 hours to make) will put the biggest smile on my face and somehow justify why I do what I do!

  3. I too am new to blog world, but an older member of facebook. I pretty well use it for keeping in touch, and occasionally sharing amusing anecdotes to (hopefully) lighten peoples days. I don't take it very seriously.
    I also use my blog as a diary as much for myself as anyone else (though I get VERY excited every time someone comments...and today a new person started following...!)
    I will look forward to your posts :)
    Sonia xx

  4. I love to look back at my old blog posts, so most of the time it is created as a record for me and my family. I don't include everything from my life on my blog though, I'm not entirely comfortable with "brain dumping" on a blog when you don't know who could be reading it. Facebook is an intriguing glance into other people's lives and I am also sometimes shocked at the "brain dumps" that happen on there too! I tend not to comment myself very often. As you say, it's nice to keep in touch with people who you don't see often. I can't understand the appeal of twitter frankly, but that's just me! Thanks for that post, very thought provoking. x

  5. Thank you for your thoughts! As a friend commented on facebook, no one needs to feel obliged to read what I write. I do often wonder why people read what others have written and feel the need to criticize. Another friend pointed out that any "brain dumping" (thanks for that one Julia!) was part of the deal her husband signed up to!
    I promise to keep it lite and woolly from her on in!


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