Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Picnik fun

I've been mucking around on Picnik for a while as Husband has commandeered the TV remote - most unusual, I normally get the lounge to myself as he works until I insist on going to bed most evenings. Oh for a house with a study!

I have updated my header and I also made up this (I think) rather funny collage of my No3 Boy's haircut last week.  He always asks for a no2 and normally I get time to jump in and say "but a wee bit longer on the top", but not this time!  She had buzzed that front right off!  He was delighted!

Doesn't he look chuffed with himself in that middle picture?

If you haven't checked it out yet, you really should.  You can edit your brightness, contrast etc, erase wrinkles, change eye colour, even make yourself slimmer, add fancy frames and all sorts.  Hours of endless fun!


  1. Brilliant pics of your boy! Haven't come across piknik before, but it does sound like a thing that would swallow up few hours, so maybe I should avoid! I can lose hours on the computer just nosing about! My m-i-l cuts my boys hair which is normally fairly painful as they muck about so much, sometimes I wouldn't wonder if it was easier at the hairdresser!

  2. Did you join to get piknik upgrade or do you just use the free version? I've downloaded it but never played around with it much. I like the collage look and would like to be able to do that. Your son's haircut is great. He went from looking like a little boy to a young man. Hope your day is great. Tammy

  3. Piknik is great and after using it a few times I upgraded membership. Treated myself to DSLR a couple of months ago and have been taking heaps every day as part of learning process. I especially like Piknik because It's not taking up space on my hard disk but used through browser. It's also easy to use and I use the collage function frequently.

    I'm lucky that my DIL is a very good hairdresser and does a fantastic job. I also trust her to do teh right thing, unlike some hairdressers who listen to instructions and then go off and do what they want. I do pay her but not as much as if I had gone to a salon.

  4. Oh he is a cutie pie... though he probably wouldn't want to be called that ;o) But he is. Gorgeous snaps Sandra! It's so easy being a boy, just shave it all off! xo

  5. I haven't upgraded but I'm sorely tempted. At the moment I can do everything I need to with the free version.
    I really should cut their hair myself but we dropped the clippers and haven't replaced them yet. The older boys like it longer which scares me!
    Julie, he IS a cutie pie but don't tell him I said so!


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