Monday, June 20, 2011

Normal Service Has Been Resumed...

In the interests of full disclosure and recent comments about "How honest" this blog is, I felt I should let you know that normal service has, indeed, been resumed.  The tormenting of Small Sister at breakfast this morning lead to wailing, crying, screaming, then a bit of shouting thrown in from the Adults.  A stern lecture was given and the Guilty Boy was unable to account for his behaviour, although he did accept that it is fairly pointless as it doesn't make anyone feel good.   Add to that a game of catch with a bag across the kitchen bench which knocked things flying and a lost bus pass.

What a great way to start the week!


  1. I love it!!!
    Add to your scenario the last minute "I can't find my hat/jacket/bag of craft things I promised my teacher I'd bring in to make an eco house" and you have my morning down to perfection!
    Glad we are all normal!

  2. Haha! With 5 children in your household, I'm surprised it isn't a whole lot crazier ;o) Hope the week calms down for you xo

  3. I sympathise completely! My week started in a very similar way. Man I hate the sound of my own voice sometimes - especially when it is repeating the same requests over and over and over ... pick your pyjamas up off the floor, clean your teeth etc. Aaargh. I hope your week improves!!!


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