Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Made with Love

7.15am found me making porridge with my left hand and pikelets (pancakes) with my right.  I'm often to be found like this if I have forgotten to bake something for morning tea/recess the day before.  Pre-school are particularly strict about what is, and is not, allowed to be brought and anything packaged is strongly discouraged ie wrapped back up and sent home.  Thankfully Husband was on hand to make sandwiches or we may have had a bus-missing situation for No1 Boy.

No2 Boy was packing his things in his lunch box (he ended up getting back into pj's and back into bed but that's another story) and noticed this...

...maybe not quite as exciting as a celebrity face, but he was delighted!

It has taken me literally years to master pancakes/pikelets.  They were always too runny, burnt too easily didn't cook etc.  I would try, have a disaster, then not bother again for ages until I got fed up buying them for the kids lunch boxes when I knew they were super simple.  My recipe, which is now marked indelibly on my brain is 1 1/4 cups self-raising flour, 2 tbsp sugar, 185 mls milk, one egg  and 60g of butter, melted.  I melt my butter while measuring out the dry ingredients, then mix my milk and egg in one of those snazzy little salad dressing recipe thingys (it has the marks up the side for the various ingredients for 3 or 4 different dressings then a whisk attached to the lid).  I add that to the flour and sugar, mix, then add the melted butter.  I have then discovered what you all knew already, that patience is the key!  Med-high heat, flip when bubbling and hey presto!  Lovely fat pikelets.

Since I have failed to bake this afternoon (ill child plus activities don't make for good baking time), I'll be found making porridge and pikelets again tomorrow morning!

Night night xx


  1. Hello - I just wanted to pop in and say 'Hi'

    My weakness was always yorkshire puds - they are still not perfect, but at least they are edible.

    Nina x

  2. Definitely made with LOVE!
    My Recipe is very similar if not the same, it is not quite marked on my brain yet but I have it bluetaked to the inside of the kitchen cupboard!

  3. I love your header! Kudos to the school for not allowing store bought items. I live in a country where diabetes and obesity is such a huge issue. We have tried to clean up the canteen choices at our school but it is a tough battle when kids are so used to eating junk food. We also have garbageless lunch days where the kids should bring their lunch in reusable containers so as to cut done on the trash. It really is so easy to make and bake things at home. good for you! Have a great day. Tammy

  4. Oh I used to LOVE pikelets as a child. My Mama made them so well, we would eat them with butter and golden syrup... Mmmm!
    What a lovely little surprise on this pikelet, it looks like a perfect heart :o)
    Thanks for the recipe Sandra xo

  5. Pikelets are my favourite go to afternoon tea food too. We've already had them this week as well. There is definitely are art to getting temps right and timing. I love pikelets and cream a favourite of mine. I hope everyone is feeling better soon. xo


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