Monday, June 4, 2012


I've been struggling to find enthusiasm for things recently, onset of winter and general brain atrophy are probably to blame.  I have, however, managed to waste a tremendous amount of time mucking around with PicMonkey.  If any of you have been mourning the loss of Picnik to edit your photos, PicMonkey is from the same people but even more fun!

Here are some that I have played with, some have just been sharpened a bit, others have been properly mucked about with!

Archie overlooking the Forth Rail Bridge from our old home in Scotland

The boys being Jedi on the beach at St Ives, Cornwall, yes, beautiful beaches in the UK too!

Miss Meg in a ball pit at 1 year old. 

Colour focus

collages - suitable for your facebook or blog headers.

At the moment it is all free to use, and can even be accessed through facebook itself.  

Go on, you know you want to...!


  1. Beautiful images. Why is it that I always think of beaches in the UK being black rocks and murky seas!

  2. Hello! I've been enjoying many of your posts recently but have been in too much of a hurry to comment. Poor excuse I know and very rude too. I like the sound of pic monkey but I'm not going to visit it just yet as I "waste" enough time on the cimputer at the moment. I like the look of the colour focus effect though...

    1. Hi there! I'm guilty of exactly the same! I'm a bad blogger. I skim all my blogs while eating my porridge in the mornings and don't usually get back to them, must try harder.
      Hope you are well,
      Sandra x

  3. Love these images Sandra. I find taking photos (and now playing with them via instagram) always makes me happy too. And yes, Winter certainly sucks the life right out of me also xo

  4. Oo this looks like fun! But I might have to resist for fear of completely failing to get all the 'things I'm supposed to do' done!! Oh and I love that picture of the Jedi :-) xx

  5. That is fun! Have to drag myself away now and get on with the day. Ho hum. Thanks for the share.


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