Monday, November 14, 2011

Do you Scoubidou?

Before we left Scotland, I remember the kids briefly got into 'making scoubis' thanks to one of the boys' friends' sisters.  Every where we went, there were kids with multi-coloured plastic strings and now it appears that they are back.

A couple of weeks ago I took Archie and Meg out for breakfast and to spend some birthday money that they both had, this weekend I took Jonathan and Joseph.  We went to the same place (the fabulously quirky Frankie's Place on Darby Street) and, apart from trying to order a Peroni and Corona respectively - *sigh*, ordered all the same food.

Jonathan decided to teach me how to scoubi, so while we waited, I managed to whip one up.

It occured to me that they could be used for key rings if they were a little more substantial which got me thinking.  When we finished, we jumped in the car and headed for the nearest camping shop where I found some guy ropes which proved to be very easy to scoubi and rather more masculine than pink and yellow plastic string!

I then got a bit more inspired and remembered having found this link a while back and very quickly had made a very chunky key ring, suitable for your very own mountaineer, as they'll have a very handy 2ms of cord in case of emergency!

While I was whipping these up, Jonathan had a friend to sleep over in the tent in the garden.  They stayed up very late and proudly showed us how many scoubis they had made in the morning!   He's now making little wreaths for the Christmas tree!

And just in case anyone was wondering what Meg spent her birthday money on...


  1. Tell you what....I've been hankering after one of those nerf guns, Meg has her head screwed on right! I reckon I may be into star wars guns more than my boys too, love the light and sound action!

    The key rings look great, great for a school fayre or something, isn't it nice when your kids teach you something, my oldest swells with pride when he tells me something I didn't know already......I'm gullible enough to think most of it is real!

  2. What an industrious young man you have there Sandra. So cool that he puts his mind to making creative things like this. I have never seen a scoubi before, but they look great. Remind me a bit of plaiting or braiding hair :o)
    Haha, good choice Meg ;o) xo

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  4. This takes me back! My boys went through a phase of making these some years ago! seem to remember they got attached to all sorts of things - pencil case zips, coats, bags etc! And I love the non gender toy distribution! Fab!! xx

  5. Haven't been around for a visit in a while, it is nice to catch up with all your goings on. Love all the scoubi making, looks like fun! Well done Meg- good choice!!!

  6. Memories came rushing back, my boys also made these when they were growning up. I love your blog, love your crocheting it is on my bucket list to learn. ONEDAY! I will follow on my way out to ensure I can navigate my way back, hope you can find the time to pop over to my place sometime soon and do the same. Cheers SpecialK XoXo


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