Saturday, November 26, 2011

5 Noticeable Things...

Well I have been tagged by the lovely Jules at Mama of 2 Boys in the Versatile Bloggers Award, this time I have to suggest 5 things you would notice if you were to bump into me in Real Life.

1.  The first thing most people do when they see me in Real Life is do a double take, then a triple take as more and more children keep appearing!  We often laugh when we see people counting and then nudging their partners - yes, we are crazy people, just call me, as a man at the tip in Dalgety Bay once did, The Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe!

2.  If I am out walking you are likely to notice my Dog before me as he is ridiculously red.  If you have ever seen Clifford the Big Red Dog , you will have a good idea of what I am accompanied by on my beach walks.

3.  I'm a bit scruffy!  Too many years as a SAHM have left me unable to dress like a grown up and I only get my hair cut every 6 months as I never remember to book appointments.

4.  More often than not you will notice my camera.  I got my camera, a Canon EOS 550D, a year ago and am rarely separated from it.  I am no professional but love snapping away at the kids, beaches, waves, shells, trees, my coffee etc.

5.  I embarrass my children by chatting to everyone,  at Woolies, at the beach, at school.  It takes us ages to get anywhere as I can always find people to chat with about the price of eggs, education, politics, Theology, just don't ask me about fashion or shops as I'm clueless!

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  1. Haha, love these posts as I enjoy learning more about my fave bloggers :o) I used to adore Clifford as a child, actually I still do, just haven't thought about him in years! He was BIG time when I was at school. Your doggie sounds lovely.
    I'm a hairdresser every 6 months (or so) kinda gal too... terrible isn't it!?
    And much like yourself, my camera is like a permanent attachment... AND I like to talk to anyone and everyone also ;o)
    Thanks so much for playing along Sandra xo
    P.S. It's quite funny because I DO want to read your previous post, but seeing your warning in the preview of it has left me very nervous. I AM a really faint hearted, squeamish type of person and could seriously pass out if I read or heaven forbid, SAW too much, hehe!

  2. I love learning about the people behind the blogs, so I really enjoyed your post. I too chat to everyone and if there is no one around, I chat to myself. ;)
    I just read through you earlier post and I have to say I got a bit squeamish. I have 3 boys and I still can't handle the blood and gore. :) xx


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