Friday, October 7, 2011

Oct Hols and 10 things...

Wow these holidays have flown by.  We have one day left then the weekend and back to school.  No INSET/Pupil Free days this term, just straight back to business - pheew!  I do love my Mondays to myself.

Since we last spoke there has been the usual beach action, a visit to Newcastle Museum, a good spring-clean, we survived the first week without Husband, hanging out with friends and a trip to watch Mary Poppins in Sydney.  If you live locally, own a small girl, love musicals and haven't been you really should try to get hold of some tickets.  It was fabulous.  It was Miss M's rather belated birthday present but well worth the wait.  We watched the film again the next day and she decided that the play was definitely her favourite.

I received an email earlier in the week from Cheryl at NUMBER FIVE to invite me to share in a wee link up to share with you 10 Things You Didn't Want To Know About Me...  Well, in the interests of general nosiness, here goes.

1.  I'm a fast food Nazi.  My children have been successfully brainwashed to dislike the Golden Arches and their unpleasant friends.  I can whip up a healthy pasta dish in 15 mins so why bother wasting money on food that doesn't fill them?

2.  I cried until my 20 week scan when I found out we were having no5!  People started to avoid me when they saw me coming!  I was all set to start applying for my Masters and was devastated.  His was the hardest labour, I had terrible mastitis, until I begged my GP for the drugs I had found online that she had to then order specially, but I am SO glad to have him!

3.  I get extremely cranky if I don't get enough sleep.  Unfortunately Smallest still thinks that it is his responsibility to climb in and "keep [me] comfy" at 2.30am.

4.  I am a Boys Mummy.  Obviously I have a daughter and I am a girl, but I find boys a whole lot easier to understand and deal with.

5.  I am hopelessly untidy and love having 5 slaves to tidy up for me!  Bribery and corruption works every time.

6.  Since having children my brain has turned to mince.

7.  I regularly fall asleep on the sofa and miss the last crucial 5-10mins of tv programs.  Thankfully we now have a T-Box which has a rewind function.

8.  Since I got my lovely DSLR camera nearly a year ago, I have taken to date 7422 photos.

9.  I really don't understand Twitter.

10.  I am very easily distracted and have far too many WIPs, books and projects currently on the go.

There.  Now I am to ask 5 of you to join me, so over to you

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Kylie at Blue Teacups


  1. Hi Sandra thanks for choosing me! Great photos i too have a hard drive clogged with photos, and am easily distracted.... I guess I'll have to fess up about those things now. Have a great week! Janette x

  2. Love those beach photos - great expressions on the kids (and the grown up kids!) faces! x

  3. Hello - thank you for visiting me - it's always great to meet new, like-minded souls!
    1) You look very sane for someone with five children - three has sent me right to the very edge...
    2) Fast food Nazism is something to be very proud of (that's what I tell my kids, anyway)
    3) Girls...crikey, they are indeed an enigma aren't they? My daughter is already baffling us all at only 18 months, I dread the teenage years
    4) I bought some amazing new yarn today and I am now slightly panicking as I have SO many things 'in the pipeline' (including making three new blinds for the sitting room), it's almost overwhelming. I just don't know where to start...breathe...breathe...
    5) Have a jolly weekend
    Emily x

  4. Do you know, you're the only one who took up the offer :o( But you've really done the invite proud and it was a delight to read! So I'm taking a leaf out of Emily's book...
    1.I'm more of a disbeliever than a nazi - but kudos to you!
    2.I think I could relate to that if I fell pregnant just now.
    4.Having only a girl I can't possibly comment ;o)
    5.Love it!
    7.I don't get to watch tv much :o(
    8.I'd LOVE a proper camera!
    9.Neither do I! I have an account but don't get the point of it?
    10.Wish I's babyrama all day everyday here.

    By the way, the photos you posted were gorgeous.

    :o) x

  5. Oops. Just discovered that two other folk accepted my ten things offer.

    I'm a total dufus.


  6. Great pics! But love, love, love the one with the dunes and the camels, that really appeals to the painter in me.

    I have some scarily similar traits to you, especially the untidiness, I wish it weren't true, but unfortunately it is. I took a look at th fly lady thing the other day that Lucy attic24 was talking about.......I need this in my life. Hope you enjoy every last drop of the weekend!

  7. Hi Sandra, Thanks for choosing me for the 10 things about me link up, i will have to do a post and try and think of some slightly interesting things about me!! Great holiday pics, and I think next time we visit NSW I will take your advice and check out Newcastle, It sounds like a great place! Have a great day :) julie

  8. Awesome photos!

    Thanks fro stopping by my blog today -so I see beyond the cutlery issue and the paper and pen retro thing we have more in common - I don't get twitter either (love FB though) and I could have written your #10 word for word - i get distracted even walking through my house to do something (my daughter is the same - both spirited types)

    Deb from home life simplified (hate the commenting things that only use my Deb in oz account and then people don't know who the hell i am)

  9. Thank you for linking '10 Things You Didn't Want To Know About Me'.... looks like good fun, your's were great - I defo understand about #2 - I cried (& laughed!!) at my three month scan when we found out about the trips! :D

    I will have to have a think, there are far too many things people probably don't want to know about me! lol... could be interesting!

    Gorgeous photo's by the way!!

    Thanks again xx


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