Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today was the first day of the holidays and the first day of Husband going away for a week to the Big Smoke.  He is off to Sydney to take part in a series of lectures at New College, and rather than zip back up and down everyday they are putting him up for the week.  We decided that, since he wasn't required until dinnertime, that we would take him down and spend the day together exploring a bit more of Sydney.  New College is part of the University of New South Wales and is very close to Bondi so we thought we would head there for lunch and go from there.  My parents had been to Bondi a number of years ago, before we came here, and reported back that they had been distinctly under-whelmed by the most famous beach in Australia, so I wasn't expecting too much.  My first thought was that it was a bit like Portrush where my Mother grew up in N.Ireland!  It is much more commercial than our beaches in Newcastle and to be honest I'll take Merewether any day, but we did like it and had fun.

We had lunch in a great pizzeria "Papa Giovannis".  The owner was delighted by all the children and wanted to know were they all ours?   Were we Catholic?  If not why did we have so many?   Why didn't we stop after the girl?  Were we having more?  Were we mad? and so on!  John chatted to his son for ages about Italian football and the kids were given samples of all the different gelato that they make!  If you're ever in Bondi, tell them the crazy Irish/Scottish football-mad family with all the kids sent you!  The pizzas were great and the kids meals were fantastic.

We took our coffees and gelati to the beach and the usual running/jumping/racing competitions ensued.

It didn't take long before Smallest got soaked!  Thankfully there were spare hoodies, warm sunshine and kind Big Brothers.

I do love exploring Sydney.  While I like living in a much smaller city I get a real buzz whenever I see all the skyscrapers, I love the busy streets and all the quirky shops and the unique characters in the different suburbs.  If we had had longer I would have loved to have a walk  or visit other less well-known parts like Bronte and Coogee - another time.

Miss Meg and I will be back in Sydney on Saturday for Mary Poppins so maybe we'll try and fit in a bit more exploring without all the boys.


  1. Love your photos- what a beautiful, happy family.
    Have a great week- we're having a bit of an Indian summer here in the UK- it's rather nice!

  2. Oh Sandra, you were just down the road from me! And yes, I might be bias but Coogee, Clovelly and Bronte are far nicer beaches than Bondi... though it does still have a soft spot in my heart, I do like the cosmopolitan feel down there. Looks like a fabulous day exploring, shame it was a bit chilly today, but your kiddies obviously didn't let that stop them having a ball :o)
    Love the pics too and so nice that you had a pleasant dining experience... always makes the day that much more enjoyable when the food is good xo

  3. Your family all look so lovely, what great pics and a lovely pale sady beach. We have beaches all around us and they ate beautiful bu very different to yours.

    Loved your idea btw for th cake pops to be made into footballs etc... I look forward to seeing those!

  4. Just watching the news and Hugh Jackman is running through the Bondi surf SHIRTLESS! Now where were you and your camera for that little bit of Bondi action?!

  5. Despite the date at the top, we were there on Monday, I just posted it at about 1am. Wish we'd gone on Tuesday instead!!

  6. Must be early spring in Oz. Bondi certainly doesn't look as crowded as I've seen it on Bondi Rescue at the height of summer. Fancy missing seeing Hugh Jackman (without his shirt)!

  7. Wow - its certainly a different world to the one I live it over here, but it looks great fun! Love the little fella in the big brown hoody - cute!


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