Monday, September 12, 2011

Sporting Success!

It has been a busy sporting week for us, despite cold, flu and lurgy.  Last Monday (nothing like news hot off the press!) No1 Boy took part in the Newcastle Zone Football (soccer) Gala Day with a number of other schools from the local area.  They played short matches between 9am and 2.30pm and won the final!  I managed to watch some of it even though I had 3 at home feeling rubbish.  I dragged them out to get some fresh air and sunshine, support their Big Brother and we caught the final and presentations.

Bit of fancy footwork

He was absolutely delighted to be the first member of the family to have won a winners medal in Football since we got here.

No2 Boy had already won the Minor League with his team and had the Major League Finals on Saturday morning.  Last year they were pipped to the Minor League in the last match and lost the Major League Final in the last 30secs of the match to the same team, so there was huge pressure for all of us!  It was a great match and thankfully they won 5-2.

I loved how this Kookaburra was not in the least bit phased by the football flying towards him!

Celebrating their win.

Receiving his medal and trophy.

Happy Boy!

In the hope that they would indeed win, I had baked cupcakes in their team colours with their shirt numbers for our Celebration/Commiseration BBQ.  Since they are the Jaffas, they obviously had to be choc-orange cakes and I used a fab Women's Weekly recipe which also included almond meal - yummm!

They tasted a whole heap better than they looked!

Next weekend we are looking forward to tennis finals for Nos 2and 3 so I'll keep you posted!


  1. Lots of sporting success by the sounds of it. The cakes look yummy, I do like choc-orange....yum!

  2. Well done your son! Those cakes look delish, choc orange is a winner in my book. xx

  3. Oh Well done to your talented boy! You're a marvel Sandra. Coping with 3 sick kids, cheering on the sporting teams, baking tremendous cupcakes for the winners AND taking some gorgeous snaps of it all for memory's sake. Love that one of the kookaburra with the ball heading towards him. I do love kookaburras, they have so much character. A lovely post :o) xo

  4. A big well done to your boys on their sporting achievments!! I bet those cakes went down a treat, Lovely pics too :)
    Hope you are all rid of the dreaded lurgy now and feeling much better? Take care xx


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