Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just popping in!

Hello there!

I seem to be having a very busy time doing absolutely nothing of any worth or note at the moment!  We have cut out 2 activities this term and still seem to be struggling to keep up with ourselves.   Still managing to make my own granola and bread (Thanks Sue!), still whipping up some scarves and cowls and have finally, 99% finished this blanket.

It was meant to be for Miss M but ended up being smaller than I had hoped.  I had also made a mistake in one of the rounds but realized that if I made more squares I would have to do them correctly and consequently they wouldn't look right together.  For that reason, I took a bit of a huff with it and put it in a box for weeks.  Miss M and I had a chat and decided to use it for something else and she would be happy to wait for another one, bless her!  So I finished all the rounds, then added rows of (UK) dc in each of the 6 colours used.  Nice and simple.  I think I will add another round  in the cream before it is completely done.  I do like the colours, although I initially only bought them because they were on sale!

I was also very excited to see a picture of one of the windows of MakeSpace with my scarves on display!

Don't know if any have sold yet or not though...

Happy Mother's Day to all Aussie mother's out there, and the biggest hug to MY Mum, because she's obviously the best! xxx


  1. Gorgeous blanket... for sale colours, they look beautifully matched to me! Happy Mother's Day to you too Sandra, hope you get spoilt :o)

  2. Wonderful!...and I might have to head down to makespace for one of those scarves...!

  3. Wow - just love your blanket!!

  4. Thank you! I am pleased with it despite the size. Next one will be bigger!


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