Sunday, June 19, 2011

No 9

No3 Boy was 9 today.  We were due to be leaving the house at 7.30am for football matches in various places around the countryside, but due to the recent rain and flooding in the Hunter all the matches were called off - yay!  We got a lie-in, Boy got to open his presents, play games, build Lego and we generally chilled out together.

Biggest Boy had a piano exam after lunch which he passed.  I have never seen him quite so shaken afterwards!  I don't think even he realized how nervous he'd been.  He has been learning some hard lessons of late to do with working hard and getting out of things what you put in.  I hope for his sake he learns them sooner rather than later.

Back to No3 Boy, we got home and finished decorating his cake.  I had a little assistance from No2 Boy who considers himself an expert in the fields of Lego and modeling.

For those of you unfamiliar with the latest Lego craze, this is Zane from the Ninjago sets.

(Edited to add that I have written up a tutorial for this cake here)

After cake we got (relatively) spruced up (they're a scruffy lot)  and went into Honeysuckle for dinner and the Winter Heat events put on by LiveSites.  These events include fire installations, live music, activities for children and this evening fire-eaters, fire-twirlers and beds of nails!

This one taken by No2 Boy with my phone - I love it!

It's been quite a revealing day for me today, actually.  No3 Boy is always a very sweet, loving, kind boy with a fairly mental side.  While many kids would be possessive of their presents, he has spent all day sharing, giving and thinking about his siblings.  No2 Boy is not known for these qualities but when I told the 3 of them that their sister had gone to the front of the crowd on her own because she couldn't climb up to their vantage point, without being told, or telling me, he went and found her and stayed with her until the end.  And No1 told me in the car after his exam that he was grateful to God for helping him to be calm while he was playing his pieces.
It's so lovely to have a wee glimpse, every now and then, of the decent human beings that they will become.  Bit more of it would be nice...


  1. love, love, love. Thanks for sharing the special things!

  2. Well, I think this weeks award for "Brilliant Parents Get Wonderful Kids" goes to you. Makes my heart swell.

    Here, in my world, you will find two tearful little boys as one has bitten the other. Ones in pain, ones in trouble. No awards for me!!


  3. Oh what a beautiful post Sandra. Such good hearted souls your little ones sound like. You should be very proud.
    LOVE the cake! You are so clever. Lego is a wonderful invention.
    Your Winter Heat events look amazing! Fire is such a fascinating attraction for all ages. What a great night!
    I played piano from age 7 to 20! I made it to the 7th grade in pianoforte, then kind of quit. I still feel guilty about it, but one day, I'll finish. The exams were among the most nerve wracking experiences of my life. Congratulations to your boy for passing. It is quite the achievement :o) xo

  4. Cuckoo I have been there far more times than I care to remember! It was a particularly lovely day because there is usually screaming, fighting, making Small Sisters or Brothers scream, cheekiness and pre-teen attitude. Every now and then there is a glimmer of hope!
    Julie I do enjoy the challenges they like to set with the cakes, Miss M is thinking of a piano for her birthday in 3 weeks time...!

  5. Happy Birthday No3 Boy! Thanks for sharing your special day.

  6. How great is that cake? No wonder your son looks so pleased - glad he had a good day. Your kids sound fab - you're right, it is lovely to get a glimpse of what they will become in the future, but there has been a LOT of bickering between my two recently, which I'm not enjoying! x


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