Friday, June 3, 2011

For Husband! xx

For one reason and another, I haven't blogged for aaages!  This was pointed out to me last night by Husband who admitted to reading every post and even "quite enjoying"it!  High praise indeed since he only reads highly intelligent books/articles that I can't get my head around. 
So just for him I thought I'd make an effort and try and find something to say.

I must say I really haven't felt all that inspired to write as there is always lots going on and any spare time I have at the moment I'd rather spend catching up with a book, some crochet, a friend, or even just a cup of tea! 

We've had Granny and Granda's visit, our first Parent-Teacher interview at the High School (It felt quite strange to be on the other side for the first time),  exams, some colds, and lots of planning sessions for Miss M's class's entry into the Hunter Dance Festival to name but a few.  I'm making some stretchy head bands for the girls to wear with some feathers for their interpretation of "There's no Business like Show Business".  The Blanket, which had been awaiting the arrival of it's recipient, has been posted off and should be arriving at it's destination any day now, I've been making more scarves and other bits and pieces and was delighted to hear that 3 scarves and 3 cowls have been sold in the shop.  Also some customers had been requesting beanies so I've been scanning Ravelry for a good pattern that can be easily adjusted for different sized heads.  For those of you who have been doing this for years I'm sure it's obvious but I'm still working out the basics so that I can do it without thinking!

I have written a few blog posts in my head while doing other things and then not got around to doing anything about them.  One of them came from these planning sessions where we were discussing what the girls should wear for their dance performance.  We were discussing leg wear.  One mum suggested "Tights" which I questioned thinking they would need bare feet to dance, she said "no, footless tights" so I explained that we Brits would call them "Leggings"!  So in order to be clear I asked what they call "Tights" and she said "Stockings", so I asked what "Stockings" were called by which time we were all thoroughly confused!  We were further confused when the Principal mentioned "Footless Tights" in the news letter and someone else referred to "Dance pants" which led to the whole "pants" and "underpants" conversation! 

 I had just assumed that having watched Neighbours for 20 years that I was bi-lingual but apparently not!  Husband was also struck by the language barrier(!) when watching Heston Blumenthal's 70's Feast when he was talking about "lollies" (such as Rockets, Feasts and Tangle Twisters) which here means "Sweets" eg people talk about going to the English Lolly shop for their Sports Mixture/Liquorice Allsort/Minstrel fix.  I'm still not 100% clear on the definition of Ice Lollies here...  Then there is of course the whole crisps/chips/hot-chips confusion and "flip flops" vs "thongs".  But don't mention 'soccer' in this house or He may ask you to leave...!  We had another meeting yesterday over lunch when I made great use of the term "Bewdy"  and was delighted to hear such phrases as "Bloody Oath" and "Bonzer", specially thrown in for my benefit - they're usually a fairly refined bunch!

I'll finish off with these beautiful flowers that a friend gave me for watching her 2 lovely, quiet, polite, cooperative children for all of 5 minutes!  Always a total pleasure Mrs H!


  1. Lovely to see a rundown Sandra, as per usual, you HAVE been busy.
    I have 4 friends from the UK in my mother's group and we always laugh about the 'language barrier' between Aust and UK. Keeps things interesting at least.
    Gorgeous flowers, I see some camelias in there, they are a lovely bloom.
    It's nice that your hubby reads your blog, it's full of fab stuff, so why not! :o)
    P.S. Love the pic on the beach, cute!

  2. I can so identify with the language differences. We had only been in Australia two months when we heard our youngest singing all about Santa in playgroup. His version of Santa was wearing thongs which planted a very odd picture in our heads!

  3. It's a total minefield! Much fun can be had playing along with misunderstandings of certain words. The "fanny" being the American term for bum makes me chuckle...Sooooo juvenile.


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