Monday, August 20, 2012


To continue in the vein of my last couple of posts...

Want to know what kind of blogger I am?

The kind who sits and reads through all the blogs I follow in my reader, along with others that people link to, as I gulp down my breakfast.  I laugh, nod in agreement, sigh and then race off to deal with children without letting you know I stopped by, or updating my own blog to give you something to read over your breakfast!

It's not "nice manners" as I would tell the children, but I hope any of you who read this will appreciate the pace of life with 5 kids in 3 different educational establishments to despatch in the mornings, never mind the chaos and busyness at other points in the day.  I don't often get back to reading again during the day and am sorry that I don't interact as much as I know many of you do.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this blog.  It started out as one thing but I'm not sure that is what I want it to be anymore.  I hope it is entertaining and maybe makes you feel better about your parenting, in comparison to my slap dash approach, or even just as if you're joining me for a cuppa in real life to catch up with our goings on.  I would like to rant and moan sometimes, but am not entirely sure our 'relationship' is ready for "the Dark Side" yet!  

Anyway, in "real life" I have become a published writer!!  Sort of by accident really, but I gave a friend (who edited a local parenting magazine) something I had written about kids and exams and having fun.  I didn't hear back and assumed it was too awful for consideration, then was flicking through the August edition at pre-school when I spotted my name in the list of contributors!  I very nearly fell over with excitement!  Even more exciting was over-hearing a couple of teachers in a cafe discussing it!  It was all I could do not to introduce myself.   If you live in Newcastle or the Central Coast you might be able to find it in Newcastle's Child magazine in libraries, cafes or clinics.  Unfortunately there is no online link but I will see if I am able to publish here at some point.

I'm away to do some tidying.  Husband is off on a work trip to WA for the rest of the week and I like to show him that we can (just about... sort of...) cope without him so that he doesn't worry.  I'll be popping in to see you all in the morning!


  1. That is fantastic Sandra! Well done and congratulations! And I TOTALLY appreciate where you are coming from on the reading/commenting of blogs, I don't know even know where you find the time to read them.
    I haven't been keeping mine as up to date as like to of late, just too much going on... AND the fact I enjoy reading blogs, therefore don't leave myself much time to focus on my own xo

  2. Your blog always makes me smile, I think you may have just echoed my thoughts on blogging - sometime things in the real world are just too pressing/distracting/'real' to make time for the online stuff (and I mostly don't feel ready to share all the 'dark' stuff either!) but I do like to have a sneaky peek at the interesting/inspiring/beautiful places every now and then! I've been a bit rubbish about commenting or replying to comments too but I think a lot of us are kind of in similar boats so I guess its ok :-)
    Well done on the getting published! Thats fab - could be a whole new diversion?!!

  3. Well done you!!! I hope you feel really good about yourself, that is a real accomplishment. Also, i want you to know that i always enjoy your posts - especially lately with the footy gear and the Mr - hilarious! I love the realness to your approach in blogging. Have a great week!

  4. Clever you, how exciting to be in print, and be talked about (in a good way!)

    I enjoy reading your blog as there's always a good mix of creativity with your cakes and scarves and crochet and a whole dose of life too. I often feel that I'm 'getting something right for once' when I read your opinions on full on kids, it's comforting to know you are not the only one dealin with headstrong characters. Your next article is about right too, (gosh that sounds like I have a mystic meg thing going on!) my three boys have confidence and self-assurance which I love, but along with that comes locked horns and not merely accepting the first answer. Soooo draining on occasion!

    As far as I'm concerned your blogging is what I want to read, and that's why I do!


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