Monday, June 18, 2012


My Slap-Bang-Middle boy is 10.  

He's the 3rd of 5, he was born in the middle of the year and his birthday comes right in the middle of all our birthdays so the tag suits him well!

I've had lots of thoughts about his birthday today, especially in the light of a really unhelpful article by Mia Freedman, at Mamamia, about birth plans and "Birthzillas".  I was already over her extremely negative attitudes to homebirth and this article made me click on the 'unfollow' button as frankly I don't have the time and energy right now for her snarkiness.

Anyway, I had a birth plan for Joseph which was to stay home and have my 2nd home birth with my own lovely midwives present, my parents had also arranged to be in Scotland for the due date.  However, as often happens, things did not go to plan! A week past, then another one and no sign of baby.  Mum and dad had to go home and I was threatened with induction and threw a hissy fit as only a very pregnant lady can!  Thankfully my Obstetrician was on my side and very apologetically said that while she wouldn't push for an induction, legally I wasn't able to have my home birth and would have to go the midwife unit at Forth Park Maternity Hospital in Kirkcaldy.  That night I went into labour, trekked up to Kirkcaldy (thankfully Mum had returned and stayed to look after the 2 wee ones tucked up in their beds) and in a couple of hours, gave birth to another wee boy during the Italy vs South Korea football match in the 2002 World Cup!  While in some religions, special words are whispered into the babies ears, Joseph was taken to 'watch' the match while Mummy had a bath!

Those of you who have met Joseph will know how special he is (or "Special" as his brothers prefer to say it!).  He is quite mad, very physical, extremely loud, not altogether aware of the consequences to his physical well-being of some of his actions, but the sweetest, kindest, most generous boy you could hope to meet.  He sometimes gets left-out or over-looked but never complains.  He hates to see me doing jobs by myself, worries that I'm lonely so comes along to keep me company.  He loves helping out and takes his job of bin/recycling boy very seriously.  He has more energy than I would need for a week and I'm often relieved when he leaves the house in the morning, although I always look forward to his happy face when he gets home.

He's made it to 10 without major incident.  Our friends in Scotland advised us to look for a house near a hospital when we left, with Joseph in mind, based on his penchant for climbing lamp posts, trees, sheds, houses etc.  As it happens, Dad has needed the services of Accident and Emergency more than any of us!

I thought I would share lots of photos to celebrate his first decade. I hope you enjoy!

Minutes old still in hospital, we were home again within 4 hours.

2 months old, planning what to go and see in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Such a happy baby!

First birthday

Always has his own 'interesting' style...


Monkey bars for a Monkey Boy aged 3.

More beautiful British beaches!  Aged 3

Well Done Award from Playgroup aged 3

Aged 4

4th Birthday - Superhero theme!

5th Birthday

Aged 6.


Aged 7

Aged 8

9th birthday

This years school photo.

Off to the Rubgy Aus v Sco in Newcastle 2 weeks ago, guess who he supported...

Today!  Happy Birthday Joseph! 


  1. Awww Happy Birthday Joseph! This is a beautiful post Sandra, love reading about how all these gorgeous babes came into the world and it sounds like he is every bit as special as his brothers say he is too!
    I like his sense of adventure, such a boy thing. He has grown into a very handsome young lad... he'll be a heartbreaker Sandra!

  2. Happy Birthday Joseph! What a lovely post, I was fascinated looking through the photo's, watching him grow older. He looks like such a lovely boy..

    I'd never heard of that woman before but went and had a look at her 'Birthzilla's' article... grrrrr.. I have to say I'm most definitely Not a fan of hers. I just can't stand such opinionated people.. I had a homebirth with Rose but I don't ever bring it up with people unless they specifically ask! Really really hoping nothing goes wrong this time round and I get to be at home again.

    Ashley xxx

  3. Oh hon this is the most beautiful post! Look at your gorgeous boy - it is amazing to see him growing in every photo. It's made me all teary realising just how fast they grow up.

    Have a lovely week!

  4. He is such a gorgeous boy! And those energy levels remind me of my own super active 3rd child.

  5. Gorgeous Post Sandra and happy double figures to the Birthday Boy. I haven't read Mamamia's latest Post but she can be a tad smug depending on the topic so I'm not surprised. I think it's amazing you have had the home birth experience! I'm expecting no. 5 and am a few years behind you on the kids front so love reading your blog - any tips for me??? Mel xx


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