Thursday, November 10, 2011


Hello there, I've not been feeling much like blogging recently, life is still busy, and mostly fun, but there have been a couple of 'blah' incidents recently that made me feel like taking a wee break.  This is meant to be a light and fluffy place, not a place for my moans and groans.

So without further ado, a couple of fun pics to let Grandma, and you all, see what we've been up to!

We celebrated the 60th Anniversary of Meg's Infant's School with an evening fete and a visit from the Mayor of Newcastle.  The kids had great fun, especially Joseph who got to see friends from the Infant's school that went on to other places for Year 3.  They were all delighted to be able to ring the new school bell and play in the field until it got dark.  We had a few crafty stalls along with the usual Trash and Treasure, plant stalls and home baking.  I took along some of my crocheted Christmas decorations and some bags of granola.  I figured that this was easier than baking and decorating heaps of cupcakes.  Amazingly, all the bags sold very quickly!  Smallest Boy was delighted to have his first ever pony ride - can you tell?

The weather has certainly been heating up and we've had a couple of cracking storms this week due to the humidity.  

I'm very close to a ta-dah of my latest Granny Blanket, which will be heading to Scotland as soon as it is done, to welcome my wonderful  friend Claire's new baby.  Hoping to meet him via Skype soon!


  1. Oh your smallest boy is adorable Sandra, the look of joy on his little face, gorgeous! Love a school fete, those goodies you made look fabulous!
    I can totally understand how 'blah' incidents lead to taking a bloggy break, I never feel like writing when there is stress in my world either.
    Glad to see an update from you though :o) xo

  2. Your snowflakes are beautiful, I have some silver thread which I hadn't even thought to use for that......good thinking batman!

    Your little boy looks very pleased with himself! Isn't Skype brilliant for just such an occasion? Looking forward to seeing your blanket!

    Glad all is well in your corner of the world now....hope it continues to be so!

  3. I lean towards bloggy silence too when under the weather. I get that. Lurve, Lurve your Christmas stars! School fĂȘtes are the biz! There's a granny almost finished here too.looking forward to seeing yours. Have a super weekend.
    Carmel x

  4. Great idea with the Granola, Ill have to remember that one too and I love your snowflakes! Doesnt your boy look happy on the pony!


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