Sunday, September 18, 2011

A wee bit more sport...

Before I show you my blanket - tomorrow, I promise - there has been more sport!

Yesterday was the Infant's School Sports Carnival.  It is a tiny school so the sports day is a real family affair.              Miss Meg had the honour of carrying Green House's flag with her friend and had a great time in the races.

Robert got to join in the 3 years and under race which he won, then had a go with the 4 and 5's too!

John came 1st in the Dad's Egg and Spoon Race and I managed 4th - I know, I let the whole family down!

After a sausage sizzle for lunch, we raced off to watch Jonathan play his last football match of the year in the final against another local school and some of his Jaffas team mates!  It was hard not to cheer for boys I've been cheering for all year!  They won 1-0 so he has had a clean sweep.  They made it back to school in time to be congratulated at the Sport Assembly.

I have to congratulate No2 and No3 on their tennis achievements this term.  The Term 3 Comp ended today so I made sure I had my camera for some action and any presentations.

Joseph had his matches first, playing doubles with his pal.  He had to leave a birthday party to go so wasn't best pleased!  They have had the odd success and, considering their age and it being their first comp, I think they can be pleased with themselves.

They were both given Encouragement Awards which meant being able to choose a wee prize - they both chose racquet dampeners ("because they're cool") and got a big round of applause.

Jonathan had his matches later on.  He and his friend have played doubles together for a while now.  It is very handy that Tom now lives literally at the end of our garden and his neighbours have a court that the boys can play on whenever they like.  

This term they were put up a division and both complained as they like to win, however despite their protests they were undefeated in the matches they played, but had to forfeit one week when they were both ill.  Despite some "cheating" from the girls they played today, they won their matches and their division!

Richard teasing them for not wanting to be put up!

Looks like they will be going up another division next term.

So I think that is all the sport for a wee while, we have managed to dissuade Joseph from playing cricket this year, football is finished so just more tennis next term.  I might need to see if Tom's mum and I can have a hit on the neighbour's court too...

Have a great weekend!


  1. ...and they say that kids nowadays just sit in front of tv and plays hours of video games!!!

  2. Great action pics, the ones I take tend to be a blur. It is fab that you all take part and are such a sporty family. Not sure sporty and me go well together!


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