Tuesday, July 3, 2012


One of the things I did not expect when coming to Australia, is that I would still be so affected by Winter.  "What Winter?!"  I hear you Brits crying!  Well it's currently 6c according to my computer which is pretty parky when you don't have central heating and Aussie houses are built like caravans!   I have days if I stay in the house when I am so chilled that I just can't get heated up.  The sun doesn't reach into our house due to it's position on the hill but I refuse to put on any heating until 5pm, we just rug up with ugg boots, fleeces, jumpers and dressing gowns!

In the UK I used to get hit by it around January/February time.  It took me a few years to twig that I would have an uncharacteristic period of not coping, weepiness and inability to motivate myself.  Once I had worked it out I made an effort to book in things to look forward to (as much as possible when pretty much constantly pregnant or breast-feeding!) such as my annual haircut(!!), or a day out somewhere.

The last couple of years I have found myself feeling the same way, I dread the shorter days and cold nights and find that I am unmotivated to read, or do anything creative.  However this year I think the fact that I am bored rigid has also contributed.  I always tell the kids that only boring people get bored, but I think I have passed my SAHM date.  I had planned on 10 years but am now in my 14th, I haven't been successful in finding teaching work here (plenty of RE jobs going in the UK...) and so am feeling a bit aimless.  Between 3pm and 9pm I am run ragged with activities so have been making the most of Mon-Wed, when I am child-free between 9 and 3, to get out of the house, walk the dog, get warmed up, have a coffee, attempt some writing and see the sea.  It has definitely helped to keep me sane this Winter.    We have also enjoyed LiveSites Winter Heat again, and I'm sure having 3 birthdays within 5 weeks helps keep me focussed on fun times.

The kids are now at home for 2 weeks so no 'Me time' but plenty of action/drama/fun/frolics will, no doubt, be had.  And plenty of sleepless nights and lie-ins as I stay up to watch as much of Wimbledon as possible!  Then we will be heading into Spring and hopefully some exciting plans.

I would love to know if any of you suffer too and how you deal with it.  In an ideal world, I would take to my bed with a cosy duvet for a couple of months!


  1. After all the grim rainy weather we have had over the past few months, we were all feeling very SAD too. I was chatting to a friend a couple of months ago and she said she felt so down and out of sorts - I said I felt exactly the same way and it was probably due to such long periods of bad weather with no sunshine. We decided to go out for afternoon tea as a treat and it definitely worked - and, as the icing on the cake, the sun shone so we got to walk off a few calories as we explored the hotel gardens. It was bliss and I will surely remember it for this coming winter. Hope you have a great school holiday with the kids. Enjoy the tennis! x

  2. It sounds like you have a plan worked out which is often half the battle! I had friends come and visit in Sydney during winter one year. They said that the Sydney winter was the coldest they'd ever experienced because the city was not at all prepared. Everywhere was cold and they neve managed to warm up. It's a far cry from Europe and the US where everythig is heataelfric well!

  3. Ah yes the dreaded SAD. I dislike winter immensely and our house must be postioned similarly to yours with no sunshine entering the backyard. Fortunately we had central heating installed 12 years ago when we built our house, Melbourne has the coldest winters and I'm not prepared to be cold. I grew up in Western Australia with plenty of sunshine in winter and of course warmer temperatures. I've been in Victoria more than half my life but still struggle coming to terms with winter.
    Hubby and I have just come back from a 2 month holiday in Europe including the U.K. so we were spared some of the horrible weather in May and June here.
    I think the trick is to have enjoyable things to look forward to, perhaps a bit hard with a younger family to take care of though.
    Wishing you warm and sunny days,
    Anne xx
    P.S. Saw you on Vintage Vicki.

  4. Mindfulness - a mental state of awareness, focus and openness - which allows you to engage fully in what you are doing at any moment. In a state of mindfulness, difficult thoughts and feelings have much less impact and influence over you. That's how I cope with depressive thoughts and feelings.

    It'll warm up soon.

  5. I love winter over here, because I hate the intense heat of summer. Having said that, I can't bear how cold it is indoors either. Carpet or more rugs and central heating would certainly make it more pleasant. But I am going through a lull at the moment too. I like one of the comments on here - from Lisa. Mindfulness... I do try, but sometimes I just miss home too much. Maybe that's what it is.

  6. Ahh well spotted Lisa! So effective and so simple! Love it and use it.....Sandra, winter here in melbourne is so miserable and wet but i try to see thing this way : I don't suffer famine, we all have great health, I can give love freely and am very loved, I am not at risk of having my home bombed and loved ones killed like those in Syria or other war zones, there is food - bounties of - on my table. There is laughter within my walls and you know, the trees don't look half bad bare and stark against the blue sky....they give promise of the spring!!! So cheer up Charlie - it really is all good! xxx

  7. Ugh. I know the feeling, but keeping a busy schedule is a great idea -- one I'll have to keep in mind for winter here in New Jersey, USA. In the meantime, as the northern hemisphere swelters, it's jolting to read about you guys freezing down under in July!


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